For the last 7 days I’ve been participating in Runner’s World Run Streak. I have 7+ miles out of 40 marked off my calendar.  This weekend I walked my miles as a break for my calf that was tight and painful.  As long as I get my mile in, it doesn’t matter to me how I get my mile in.  This quote sums up my philosophy on my running.  I many not ever get the best time, but I will finish the race.

Don’t worry about your time or your distance, just go. 
And, you can always run a little farther. 
You won’t die if you run to the next mailbox. 
Brad Wilkinson, runner

If you need some motivation to get started, remember it doesn’t matter how fast you are, how far you go, what you wear, or where you run or walk….it just matters that you get moving. 
Each time you run, you can push yourself a little farther or a little faster.  You can try that street with a hill or a higher incline on your treadmill.  Run til the next commercial or the next block. 
It’s not too late.  Join me and finish up the 40 mile challenge and run or walk a mile a day through July 4th.  By then it might just be a habit that will take you farther than you ever imagined! 
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