Childrens Book Week November 2022

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By: Sandra Laboucarie

Illustrated by: Charline Picard

Published: August 2, 2022

Publisher: Twirl


There are some really amazing places and things to see in our world, especially those places that have a Natural Wonder. Most of us will never see many of them, but we can get an idea of their amazing beauty through the pages of this book.

Kids will love the pop-up features on every page and it would be fun for your child to do further research on each location after reading about the Natural Wonder. The only United States Natural Wonder featured in the book is the Grand Canyon and I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t traveled there yet. It is definitely on my list and now there are several other amazing places around the world I would love to see.

I didn’t know anything about many of the Natural Wonders featured including Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Africa. Each Natural Wonder is featured in a pop-up format and then a brief paragraph is shared including facts about the site. There are also parts of the Natural Wonder labeled in the pop-up like a rainbow, a canyon, a plateau, and a waterfall. The size of Victoria Falls is like eighteen football fields so it is a massive waterfall that often has a rainbow across it which makes it quite beautiful. It reminds me of Niagara Falls here in the US and Canada, which I have been to.

Other pop-ups in the book include Socotra in Yemen which is covered with unusual umbrella-like trees. The Amazon Rain Forest and the Great Barrier Reef are also some featured Natural Wonders. This book is a brief introduction to Natural Wonders and offers a chance for kids to become interested in new geography-related vocabulary as well as places around the world that are quite amazing.

After writing for children’s newspapers for many years, Sandra Laboucarie left Paris to return to Toulouse, where she now writes books for children.

Charline Picard earned a degree in drafting and design with a concentration in illustration. Currently working for a video game studio, she illustrates using watercolors or the computer, for magazines and newspapers, books, and advertisements. She lives in Lyon, France.

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