Doesn’t everyone love a good Amazon unboxing? I don’t always have time to run to the nearest city to go to Target or Walmart so Amazon is my go-to when I need something before my next trip to town. Recently, some of my purchases have even arrived the next day thanks to having Amazon Prime. Prime Day starts tomorrow and you don’t want to miss all the great deals!

My favorite AMAZON HACK is to add items that I’m interested in to my Amazon cart and then check my cart frequently. A notification will be at the top of the screen telling me if something has changed in price. Then, I can purchase it when it goes down in price. Not everything goes down, in fact, sometimes the price goes up, but a lot of times I’ve saved quite a bit of money because I was willing to wait for a lower price.

This post contains affiliate links. All of these items have been purchased and used or eaten and enjoyed.

Shoes and Clothing Items

Our son needed new shoes and he is loving these for working out and running.

Reagan loves these pajama/lounge pants. I’ve given them as gifts to my nieces and Reagan has pairs in different colors/patterns. They run true to size and are very comfortable.

This tank dresses up a pair of shorts or can be layered under a jacket. It comes in MANY colors!

I wanted a sandal I could walk in and this has been a great choice. Similar to Chacos in my opinion.

Our daughter needs shower shoes for college and she picked these out.

Household/Outdoor/Car Items

I got this bar cart for my husband for Father’s Day. He loves to make cocktails and has quite a collection of alcohol and mixers. My daughter mostly put it together with a bit of help from me so if we can do it you can too. We have gotten lots of compliments on it and rolls easily if we need to move it around.

I don’t like when there is a gap between buttons or if there is too deep of a v-neck on a blouse or dress. This handy gadget easily adds a quick stitch to the fabric you need to bring together. The stitch is easily removed after.

I’ve been trying to drink electrolytes in the morning and this mixer bottle with a sipper tip is perfect for me. I just keep it in my bathroom to drink while I get ready in the morning.

I LOVE my electric kettle. Perfect for a cup of tea, or when I need a quick cup or two of boiled water. Much faster than using the microwave.

I love colored pens and markers and these are so fun for writing in my journals.

My mom wanted a neck pillow that was bone-shaped when she is relaxing in her recliner so I ordered this one for her and she LOVES it.

I purchased this watering can for a friend’s birthday and I wish I had gotten one for myself. Maybe next summer! Every time I see it in her landscaping it makes me happy. It is really quite pretty at night. A great housewarming or birthday gift for your friend.

These plant trellises are perfect for philodendrons or other vine-related plants. These would also work for smaller or starter plants outside or in pots.

I wanted my sunglasses to be easier to grab while driving and this makes them easily reachable.

I left my purse behind at a restaurant a couple of months ago and didn’t even notice until the next day. Thankfully, the staff at the restaurant kept it safe for me and my husband was able to pick it up the next day. But, if I had put an air tag in my purse, it would have alerted me when I got too far away from my purse. I appreciate knowing that I always can find my purse if I forget it again. This four-pack allowed me to give the extra ones to our kids for their bags/wallets/purses.

I use this case to hold my air tag.

A great tool for all the various water bottles, lids, and straws you need to keep clean.

Hands down, my favorite scrubbing cloth for dishes. My mom always had one of these next to her sink and so do I. I use it daily! They last a long time and don’t hold on to any odors. When they get worn down, I just grab a new one.

My daughter loves this water bottle compared to my Stanley Cup. She likes the handle better and that it is lighter yet still keeps her drinks cold. Lots of colors to choose from. Plus, it also doesn’t spill when it is on its side.

This phone has been a LIFE-SAVER for my parents. They were being inundated daily with spam calls. This phone allows you to enter phone numbers that are allowed to call through. If a person calls that isn’t in their phone “system” they just have to record their name and push a button to put the call through. My parents will hear the caller’s voice and name and if they choose to answer they can. The amount of spam calls went from several a day to none. It is such a relief that they don’t have to deal with all the phone calls that even with their Caller ID were tripping them up because it was showing a “local number”. They don’t have cell service where they live so moving them to cell phones isn’t an option. For those that still use a landline phone, this is such a great option.

Health/Beauty Items

I get migraines and usually, they arrive in the middle of the night. If I don’t catch them quick enough I have a difficult time walking or moving around. I keep my meds, water, and essential oils right next to my bed at all times but I struggled with going to the kitchen to get my ice pack out of the freezer. I decided to try using these single-use ice packs that I can keep right next to my bed and pop them when needed. Thankfully, I’ve only had to use them once, but it worked great. I also keep a couple in our vehicle because you never know when one might come in handy. This is a box of 24 which may last me 5 years, but I’m ok with that.

Unfortunately, the grey hairs are sticking around. I decided to stop coloring my hair a few months ago, but I’m still not ready to grasp full-on grey. Thankfully, most of my grey hairs are all in one spot, so I just use this root cover-up and it actually works really well. There are various shade options to match your hair color.

Food Items

We love this kind of popcorn and this box of snack-sized popcorn is perfect for tucking in my school bag or for leaving a bag in the van for when I get hungry. Saves me from stopping in a drive-thru.

I’m trying out making my own Vanilla Extract. I use these Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

What has been your favorite Amazon Purchase lately?

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  1. Gayle Bothe on July 10, 2023 at 2:03 pm

    These are so helpful and from a trusted source too! Thank you.

  2. Linda Stoll on July 13, 2023 at 1:46 am

    I’m a big Amazon fan, too, Stacie! Stores are few and far between around here and prices are ridiculous. I buy in bulk when I need to fill my pantry and it’s like Christmas when a box comes to the door … especially when I can’t quite remember what’s in it!

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