I have been praising the products from the Adagio Teas company for several years. I regularly drink their loose-leaf teas. I’ve shared about the Ladera Coffee Roasters and their Selefina Spices. Now they have their own honey and I am so excited to share it with you.

I have always loved honey. My parents have hives on their property and to thank my parents, the beekeepers have always treated our family with cases of honey which is quite delicious. Recently, my cousin decided to become a beekeeper and produced her very first batch of honey this summer. I just feel like I’ve always had honey in my life, but never quite appreciated it. When visiting my cousin this summer, she had a jar of raspberry honey and I fell in love with it. I had never thought about having flavored honey before.

Then I realized Adagio Bees had several varieties of honey and I couldn’t wait to try them. Honey bees are essential to our food chain and without them, the whole food chain would be destroyed. Recently, many farmers and rural communities have made an effort to “Save the Bees” by planting wildflowers and other pollen-producing flowers and trees to encourage the bees to produce honey. Honey also offers superior health benefits like treating stomach problems, viruses, sore throats, and even insomnia. It can reduce your blood pressure and enhance your immune system. During the “cold and virus” season, taking a spoonful of honey a day may just keep the doctor away.

Each of the Adagio Bees beekeepers is profiled on the website featuring their specific raw honey. You can read each of their stories and why they are so passionate about beekeeping. David Simonsen loves his honey on a fresh hot biscuit as well as a drop in his tea.

“The only reason for being a bee that I know of is making honey…

and the only reason for making honey is so I can eat it.”

Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne

I received two sampler sets to try and was thrilled by the varieties offered. The Premium Sampler is $29 for 3, 4oz jars that include Manuka, Sourwood, and Tupelo honey. The other sampler I tried was the Herbal Sampler which included 3, 4oz jars of Garden Herbals, Rooibos, and Fruit Tisanes for $14. They also offer a Black & Green Sampler and a Whipped Honey Sampler for $14 each.

I tried each of the honey samples on my favorite bran muffins. I actually liked them all, but there were two standouts in the flavor category for me. The Fruit Tisanes and the Garden Herbals (really no surprise) were my favorites. But, the Manuka (pictured above) was earthy and thick and should be a go-to if you are feeling under the weather.

I have been enjoying a renewed excitement for honey. I have absolutely loved trying all the varieties and having my daily dose of honey every morning. Some of my favorite ways to eat honey are by the spoonful (really!), on muffins or biscuits, in my nighttime tea (especially if I’m feeling sick), in a homemade dressing, and in cocktails.

The Adagio Bees Sampler Boxes make excellent Christmas gifts for the person who has everything. They are extremely affordable and you can get all four sets for less than $75 or a 12oz jar for $9-$24 depending on the type of honey. The jars make excellent stocking stuffers and if you choose a 12oz jar, make sure you add a pump for $5 to reduce the sticky mess (the only bad thing about honey).

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Thanks to Adagio Bees for sending the samplers in exchange for an honest review.
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