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By: Alli Brydon

Published: May 3, 2022

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


This is the debut title in a brand new series from National Geographic Kids all focused on getting kids to explore outside. Now, here in Iowa, we won’t find too many bugs this time of year. In fact, we have a couple of inches of snow on the ground already. But, if you live in warmer areas, you will still be able to find all kinds of bugs outside and maybe even inside your home.

This flexible-bound book is small in size for young hands and light enough to tuck into a backpack. The pages are full of actual photos of all kinds of bugs and brief fact boxes and bubbles to give kids just enough information to be interested and entice them to seek out more details about each bug. From honey bees to butterflies and beetles to spiders and so many more bugs, kids will find all kinds of fascinating bugs they’ve seen regularly as well as ones they have never even heard of.

Because the book is small in size, that means some information had to be left out. I would have liked to know if some of the bugs can be found in the US or just in other countries. There were several I had never heard of but wanted to know where I might see one.

The end of the book includes a hide-and-seek activity to try to find bugs that blend into their surroundings. There is also an activity page to try and move their body like a particular bug. There is also a glossary of terms at the end of the book. A page or two of journal space might have been nice as well to include a child’s notes, dates/locations, and/or drawings of bugs they found on their adventures.

To purchase a copy of LITTLE KIDS FIRST NATURE GUIDE BUGS, click the photo below:

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