In the book world, the month of November is dedicated to reading and sharing nonfiction books. This month I’ll be sharing some non-fiction books that I think would be great for readers, young and old. These books will cover various topics and interests. If you’d like to see previous #NonFicNov posts, click HERE to see more amazing non-fiction books.


By: Arnaud Roi

Illustrated by: Charlotte Molas

Published: October 11, 2022

Publisher: Twirl


Ten big pop-ups of dinosaurs in their natural habitat will awe your child. Each page opens to a full-page dinosaur or dinosaurs. The bottom of the page includes the official name of the dinosaur, its period, region, size, and weight. Then a paragraph shares about the dinosaur, what it eats, where it lives, and anything that makes it unique.

Even older kids are awed by pop-up books and this one is for elementary-aged dinosaur fans. The illustrations are accurate and the information on each dinosaur is just enough to interest your child in helping them identify their favorite dinosaur. I think my favorite is the Therizinosaurus because of its long claws and long neck to eat plants up high.

Arnaud Roi is an artist with many talents. Before making pop-up books and creations in volume, he worked as a musician or a watercolor painter. His studies at the graphic arts school Brassart, and his sensibility to the aesthetics of the 50s lead him to love paper toys. 

Charlotte Molas is a French illustrator who splits her time between Paris and Biarritz. Her colorful illustrations are inspired by Matisse, the Art Déco movement, and pop culture. She spends her time working on books and magazines and putting on exhibitions of her work


An Animal Guessing Game

By: Gabrielle Balkan

Illustrated by: Sam Brewster

Published: September 21, 2022

Publisher: Phaidon


Six different dinosaurs are featured in this board book with foldout pages. This guessing game asks young readers to look at a skeleton and then use the clues to guess which dinosaur it belongs to. Once they have made their guess, fold out the page to reveal the actual dinosaur.

Even though this book is written for 2-4-year-olds, I do think they have to be pretty knowledgeable about dinosaurs. I had never heard of a parasaurolophus or a kentrosaurus let alone a preschooler pronouncing the names. Of course, after reading through a few times, any child can remember and learn from the previous readings.

There are a lot of ways for your child to interact with the page, like asking to touch the pointy claws or point to the sharp teeth. Once the dinosaur is revealed, your child can act out the dinosaur by flapping wings or swinging a tail. Dinosaur fans will love learning and finding their favorite dinosaurs and other children will maybe become fans of dinosaurs or science after reading.

Gabrielle Balkan is a writer and editor living in the Hudson Valley. She is a former children’s book buyer, commissioning editor, and life-long educator and learner. She loves visiting with students, joining boards, and reading in the shade.

Sam Brewster is a London-based award-winning freelance illustrator, photographer, and filmmaker.

To purchase a copy of DINOSAURS AND OTHER PREHISTORIC CREATURES and WHO’S THAT DINOSAUR?, click the photos below:

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