In the book world, the month of November is dedicated to reading and sharing nonfiction books. This month I’ll be sharing some non-fiction books that I think would be great for readers, young and old. These books will cover various topics and interests. If you’d like to see previous #NonFicNov posts, click HERE to see more amazing non-fiction books.


Fun Facts, Awesome Info, Cool Games, Silly Jokes, and More!

By: Kelly Hargrave and Andrea Silen

Published: May 3, 2022

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


Does your family get excited about “Shark Week” on TV? Then don’t miss this book that covers all kinds of shark photos, facts, and fun.

What’s the sawshark’s favorite class in school?


I didn’t realize that shark skin was so unique. The V-shaped scales are strong and allow water to flow smoothly so the sharks can swim easily through the water. Scientists have developed swimsuits from material inspired by shark skin as well as used this idea to develop door handles and elevator buttons that resist germs.

Kids will like the questionnaire to see which shark would be their bestie based on their answers to 8 questions about their energy level, favorite vacation spot, and a favorite spot at the pool. Mine would be a Whale Shark, kind and low-key, and likes warm, open waters with lots of other marine life.

What do you get when you cross a shark with a snowstorm?


The pages are full of fun facts like a whale shark is as long as a large RV (40 feet). Cool shark photos in the water, shark history, and of course fun games and jokes are included to make learning fun. Shark fans will love this book but also kids who love learning will find this book approachable, readable, and fun.


Fun Facts, Awesome Info, Cool Games, Silly Jokes, and More!

By: Julie Beer and Stephanie Warren Drimmer

Published: August 2, 2022

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


With everything happening in the space world recently, a lot of kids and families have found a renewed excitement for all things space related. On my recent trip to Florida, I was able to watch the astronauts head to the ISS right from the beach. That definitely renewed my interest.

Since the moon has no atmosphere with no wind to blow the dust around, our astronaut’s footprints will still be on the moon a million years from now. So, if we get back there, which NASA is working towards, they will be able to see the previous astronaut’s footprints from nearly 50 years ago. How cool is that?

What street does Earth live on?

Milky Way

Kids can find out if they are a space expert by taking quizzes, creating their own galaxy mobile, or guessing famous astronauts based on their accomplishments. Kids will be able to learn about all things space-related including planets, the moon, and astronauts. Kids can also learn about stars and galaxies. With cool photos, games, and fact boxes, there is something interesting on every single page.

Fans of all things space or kids that want to learn more will find this is an approachable book to get them excited about space and have fun while learning.

To purchase a copy of CAN’T GET ENOUGH SHARK STUFF and CAN’T GET ENOUGH SPACE STUFF, click the photo below:

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