By: Sandra Laboucarie

Illustrated by: Vinciane Schleef

Published: October 18, 2022

Publisher: Twirl


Older kids like interactive books just as much as younger kids. Instead of just lifting flaps, kids are able to pull levers, turn dials, and see popups all while learning about specific animals’ extraordinary skills.

From super rats that detect bombs underground to dogs that rescue humans trapped in snow or water to horses that calm children and offer comfort to cats that can sit with ill patients, there are plenty of extraordinary animals. These animals all have the ability to be trained to do specific tasks that make them extraordinary.

Other animals are born with special skills like a crow knows to throw walnuts onto the road so cars will drive over them and crack them open. Bottlenose dolphins know to carry sea sponges in their beaks to protect their snouts while they swim through the ocean floor looking for food. Other animals have athletic skills including a tiny beetle that can lift 200 times its own weight with its jaw.

Animals use strength in numbers to band together to accomplish a task like starlings to scare away predators or emperor penguins to stay warm in extremely cold temperatures. Of course, one of my favorite extraordinary superpowers is the animal that can change its appearance to stay safe. I had never even heard of a stoat before. A stoat is a weasal-like animal that is brown in the summer and then once winter arrives, its fur turns white to protect it from predators. The axolotl is an endangered aquatic salamander that can regrow its limbs and even some organs to survive. There are truly some amazing animals in our world and I think kids will enjoy learning about them while interacting with the features on each page.

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