A Lens Book

By: Valentina Facci

Translated by: Sally-Ann Delvino

Illustrated by: Alberto Borgo

Published: May 1, 2018

Publisher: Running Press Kids



See inside the animals with a unique 3D lens. Each color of the lens shows a different perspective of the workings inside our favorite animals including vertebrates and invertebrates, mammals, insects, and birds. This unique book gives your child a whole new way to learn about the bones and muscles inside the animal’s body.


This page of nocturnal animals shows bats in red. But using the different colored lens scrolled over the pages, you see new creatures appear on the pages including insects, the wings of the bat, and even an owl.


Each paragraph is marked with a colored dot that corresponds with the colored lens. By looking through that color, you’ll see the things described in the paragraph. On one set of pages, you’ll see eggs transform to tadpoles and to frogs by using the different lenses.

For kids that like to learn about animals and how their bodies are different from humans and even various species, this book is for them!

Valentina Facci earned a degree in art and archeology from the University of Verona in 2013. She has catalogued historic buildings for the Commission for Architectural and Landscape Heritage for the Provinces of Verona, Rovigo, and Vicenza. Since 2015 she has worked as a writer and translator of children’s books at Sassi Editore. She lives near Leguzzano, Italy.

Sally-Ann DelVino is a copyeditor, proofreader, and translator who lives in New York City, New York.



A Lens Book

By: Valentina Bonaguro

Translated by: Denise Muir

Illustrated by: Matteo Gaule

Published: May 1, 2018

Publisher: Running Press Kids



This unique look inside the human body will be thrilling to readers young and old. Even though this is written for an elementary audience, my high schooler was fascinated by the pages. Whether you are looking at the human eye or the bones, muscles, and tendons in our feet, there is plenty to learn in this book.

By using the colored lenses included with the book, readers can have a much more interactive learning experience. They aren’t just reading about the body, but can then look at what is described through the lens.


The pages offer mini paragraphs with color-coded dots that match the colored lenses used to see various items on the page.


Looking through the green lens you would see the veins of the feet. Through the red lens, you would see the bones. Then the blue lens shows the tendons. This same color coding is used throughout the book including pages of the cardiovascular system, the brain, and digestive system.

These books are perfect for engaging children in learning over the summer. They would also make great back-to-school gifts for a teacher’s classroom or supplemental material for a homeschool.

Interactive reading and learning keep kids interested and these two books do will just that. There isn’t too much medical jargon or boring explanations to lose kids’ interest. The paragraphs are to the point and offer just enough detail. I highly recommend these two science books for kids.

Valentina Bonaguro holds a publishing and journalism degree from the University of Verona and has worked as an editor and content manager for many publishers and communications firms in the Veneto region. As an editor and writer for Sassi Editore, she focuses on history, art, illustration, and travel. She lives near Leguzzano, Italy.

Denise Muir is a freelance translator with a degree in psychology from Scottish University. She is a member of the Italian Association of Translation and Interpreting and the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters. She divides her time between Scotland and Italy.


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    I bet kids love the interactive aspect of those books. They look terrific to me!

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