20+ Mind-Twisting Mysteries

By: Victor Escandell

Adaption of mysteries: Ana Gallo

Published: October 25, 2022

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


Using scientific principles, kids can solve over 20 mysteries and conduct experiments to see the science behind the mystery. Using logic and science, kids can try to solve various mysteries with a scale of easy to medium to difficult. I have to admit, a few of them were a bit difficult to solve, but I think kids will be amazed at what they can solve using the following steps:

  • Observe
  • Ask Questions
  • Form a Hypothesis
  • Use Reason

The beginning of each mystery is labeled with the specific subject the mystery is classified with including physics, geography, optics, natural science, chemistry, geology, astronomy, meteorology, and biology. It is also labeled by the level of easy, medium, or difficult. The end of the mystery has a little lift-the-flap to reveal the answer. You can also turn to the back of the book for a more detailed answer and an experiment to help explain the principle behind the mystery.

For example, the first mystery asks how a bird will get a drink of water out of a pothole when he can’t reach the water with his beak. The bird sees rocks and picks them up. The experiment and scientific principle uses the mass of an object to show how the volume of the water rises.

I could see these fun experiments used in a homeschool or classroom setting as well as with a family that reads the mystery over dinner and then has a discussion about how to solve the mystery while testing it together as a family. Kids can see the process of other family members working through the process and everyone can weigh in on the possible solution.

Víctor Escandell is a renowned illustrator born in Ibiza and with a degree in graphic design from the prestigious Massana School in Barcelona. He is the author-illustrator of Sleuth & SolveSleuth & Solve: History, and Sleuth & Solve: Spooky.

Ana Gallo is an author living in Barcelona, Spain.

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