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Decode Mind-Twisting Mysteries Inspired by Classic Creepy Characters

By: Ana Gallo

Illustrated by: Victor Escandell

Published: August 24, 2021

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Kids that like logic puzzles or decoding cryptography will love this spooky-centered book. With short stories to read using classic characters, hidden clues, and their creative thinking skills, kids will find these books more like a game. With questions at the end, kids will have to use cryptography to check to see if their answers are right. It’s perfect for reluctant readers and those who need reading to be fun and not forced.

Some of the characters and stories in this book are familiar like Frankenstein’s monster, Dr. Jekyll, and Count Dracula, while others are just general witch and ghost stories. Then each story has a twist with questions to be solved and decoding the solution with a special code.

You have to know your child best and how much “scary” or “creepy” they can handle. Maybe they can handle reading it in the middle of the day, but not at bedtime or they won’t get scared if you do the story with them. This is definitely something you have to feel out for your own family, but it is likely more appropriate for an older middle-grade reader or middle schooler.

There are nine total stories with each story being six pages or so. The book is a larger picture book size with thicker paper. There are lots of illustrations that go along with the stories to keep even reluctant readers or kids that aren’t quite ready for chapter books interested. Just keep in mind the content may not be for younger kids. But, it can be a great way to introduce your child to some classic literature in a much shorter content.

There are additional books Sleuth & Solve series that focus on history and mysteries if your child likes this book.

To purchase a copy of SLEUTH & SOLVE: SPOOKY, click the photo below:

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