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All summer I’ll be sharing books for kids of all ages on topics that will interest them or offer them a new topic to learn about. Most of the time these will be nonfiction books, but sometimes we can learn how to be better people or learn empathy from fictional stories too.

So, I hope you will stay tuned to these posts. They will always have Summer Read-to-Learn in the title and in the tags. It’s so important to prevent that summer slide with our kids, so I hope you can use these books to keep them reading and learning all summer long. See all the posts, HERE.


15 Fearless Female Entrepreneurs

By: Lowey Bundy Sichol

Published: March 1, 2022

Publisher: Chicago Review Press


Some of my favorite companies and brands have been started by women. Using their own interests, talents, and ideas they have formed multi-million dollar companies and products that many of us use daily. I was in awe at some of their stories of persevering through the roadblocks, the nay-sayers, the lack of funds, as well lack of family support sometimes.

Through five industries Food, Fashion, Beauty/Health, Science/Technology, and Education we are introduced to women who have created companies, organizations, and products we are all familiar with. Aside from those women, there are fact boxes inside their stories that feature other women that have also contributed by inventing or creating something in the same area.

The biographies share the entrepreneur’s childhood, college, work experience, family dynamics, and struggles to achieve their ultimate goal. Even though this is written for middle-grade readers, I found this book so fascinating, especially learning the history of some of my favorite products.

Some of my favorite biographies included:

Kathleen King – Tate’s Cookies (the lemon ones are my favorite)

Stacy Madison – Stacy’s Pita Chips (a favorite treat)

Alli Webb – Dry Bar (I wish there was one here)

Anne Wojcicki – 23andMe (I still want to take this test)

Sandra Oh Lin – KiwiCo (We’ve gotten these craft kits and they are amazing)

This would make such a great mother/daughter read or a classroom read-aloud. Each of these women is a role model for young girls who dream of doing something big or making a difference in their community. Did you know a woman invented the refrigerator, frozen pizza, the game Monopoly, the ironing board, and disposable diapers? Their stories and several others are also briefly shared throughout the book.

I also appreciated that many of these women came from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Girls will be able to find an interest and someone they can identify with in these biographies. Tips for getting started, on your idea, no matter your age, are also shared. Each company’s website, contact info, and social media handles are also shared so if your own young entrepreneur feels like reaching out or maybe researching for their own ideas, the information is at their fingertips.

The author shares that the ideas shared in this book were sparked because of a problem that needed solving, a need or desire to help others, and often from the woman’s own interests and passions. If your child has an idea brewing in their head right now, be sure to enter the Idea Tank Competition explained at the end of the book.

For more information on the author:

Instagram: @LoweySichol and @IdeaTank4Kids
Twitter: @LoweySichol

This is one of nine books in the Women of Power series. Several are available now and others publishing soon.

To purchase a copy of IDEA MAKERS, click the photo below:

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