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By: Laura K. Zimmerman

Illustrated by: Jamie Green

Published: March 15, 2022

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press


Starting with the gorgeous cover to the unique world of mushrooms, kids will find there is more than just the mushrooms we find in the produce section at the store. Oftentimes, mushrooms appear out of nowhere overnight, in our yards or in the woods. Some mushrooms are pretty, others are not. Some mushrooms smell like bubble gum or maple syrup others smell like rotten cabbage. Some mushrooms are for eating by humans and others for nibbling by animals.

In a picture book, story format, kids will learn all about mushrooms with lyrical prose and illustrations from various perspectives on the ground and in the air. Who knew there were so many different types of mushrooms? This book reminded me of the many adventures I had as a child, usually in the month of May, hunting and gathering morel mushrooms with my family in our woods.

The end of the book includes more facts about mushrooms including the parts of the mushroom, the various animals that like to eat mushrooms, where to find mushrooms, and some fun activities to do with mushrooms. The title, Mushroom Rain, refers to the thousands of mushroom spores that collect in the clouds and once heavy enough, drop to the earth, as a mushroom rain, to grow more mushrooms.

Check out the book trailer below:

Click HERE for numerous downloads and activities to go along with MUSHROOM RAIN

Laura K. Zimmermann is a college professor by day and children’s writer by night. She has published numerous academic articles as well as nonfiction stories in children’s magazines. MUSHROOM RAIN is her first picture book. When she’s not writing, Laura can be found teaching and conducting research at Shenandoah University or wandering through nature with her mini Goldendoodle, Tivy. You can find Laura online at 

I am Jamie Green, a maker and freelance book illustrator living in Greenville (funny, right?), South Carolina. It is a goal of mine to both intrigue and educate, combining nature and whimsy and creating a space for curiosity (as well as a bit of magic). While my work mainly explores the natural world, I’m intrigued by any themes of human connection, travel, history, and movement. Click HERE to see more of Jamie’s work.

To purchase a copy of MUSHROOM RAIN, click the photo below:

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