By: Nancy Viau

Illustrated by: Jorge Lacera

Published: April 1, 2022

Publisher: Two Lions


Pruett lives on Planet Monochrome and there are a lot of rules to follow. Pruett was very similar to everyone else on the Planet Monochrome and he didn’t stand out at all. At home, he could only wear black, gray, or white and had to stay quiet. But, in his room, he did like to dance to the music.

At school, there were also a lot of rules. No asking or answering of questions and only use black, gray, or white crayons. There is never to be any zigging or zagging or playing of tag. Pruett always followed the rules at school. Then, one day, a new student arrives. Soo is from Planet Prismatic and is shimmering with colors. Of course, everyone at school is a little concerned about Soo and her questions and always wanting to play.

Pruett is very intrigued by Soo and eventually gives in to Soo’s pressure. But, will Pruett get into trouble, or will everyone find that Soo has the best ideas? Once Soo arrives, the pages turn from only black and white to spots of color where Soo has appeared. Slowly, as Soo’s personality starts to spread, Pruett starts to have some color in his appearance, and soon his whole world is changed. Lacera’s illustrations are unique and show the subtle changes that happen as Pruett starts to see that maybe life can be different for him and all of Planet Monochrome.

Soo teaches kids to be themselves and not be afraid to show their true personalities. Pruett always had a piece of Soo inside, but he didn’t feel comfortable sharing it. Whether you prefer to blend in or stand out, kids will find that it’s important to just be yourself.

Nancy Viau is the author of a number of books for children including Storm Song, illustrated by Gynux; Today Is a Beach Day!, illustrated by Charlie Alder; First Snow, illustrated by Talitha Shipman; and the Samantha Hansen series. A former teacher, she currently lives in New Jersey and travels around the solar system in her imagination. Learn more at

Jorge Lacera was born in Colombia and grew up in Florida. He attended Ringling College of Art and Design and has worked as an artist or art director at major gaming studios and entertainment companies. He is the illustrator of Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies by Megan Lacera and XO, Exoplanet by Deborah Underwood. He lives in Canada with his family. Learn more at

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