I couldn’t let the day go by without acknowledging my blogging anniversary. Fourteen years ago today, I took an awkward step forward and started this little blog. I had no idea what I was going to write about or who, if anyone, would read it. But, in those fourteen years, I found my voice.

My blog started as a way to log my thoughts, share tips and inspiration, and moments from our family life. Then I slowly started sharing books I loved. I figured, why not share about the books I was reading and maybe, someone might decide to read that book too.

So, I can’t tell you how many book reviews I have shared on here, but my Book Review tag has 1,092 posts. I hope that you have gotten at least one good book recommendation from me in those 1,092 posts.

Even though this has mainly turned into a Book Blog, I do find ways to continue to share tips, inspiration, and my family life on here. Sometimes, it is just in amongst a book review. My writing has evolved quite a bit as well as my photography. I’ve learned about marketing and working with publishers, publicists, and authors. I’ve learned to say no and reach out when I want something. I’ve learned to ignore the “noise” and be gracious when someone is kind. I went from being a mom of young children to a mom of adults in this space and I’m thankful for the journal I’ve created, even if I’m the only one who appreciates it.

So, whether you have been here since day one or just joined this week, I’m thankful that you have taken a moment to read whatever it is that I write about. I plan to continue offering the same type of content this next year and not change too much.

Also, if you haven’t followed me on any of my social media, Instagram is where I spend most of my time. Stop by and say Hi!



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