Booking Agents Series (Book 1)

By: Cherie Priest

Published: October 26, 2021

Publisher: Atria Books


4 stars

When a psychic travel agent rebooks you to a different flight, and then you watch that original plane go up in fire, you don’t question her. New-to-me author, Cherie Priest, had a similar situation happen to her except her flight was canceled due to weather and not a dangerous situation. Her travel agent rebooked her before all the chaos started happening in the airport and she made it home by 11:57 that night. Read her story, HERE. When she found out her travel agent was also a psychic on the side for the local police department, she knew she had to make that into a novel.

Leda Foley has just opened her own travel agent office and one of her first clients, Grady Merritt, unbeknownst to Leda, is a Seattle PD detective. When she rebooks his flights due to a “bad feeling” and he watches the plane he was supposed to fly home on go up in flames, he decides he needs to meet this Leda in person.

Leda has been floundering ever since her fiancé was murdered. She also wasn’t sure what to do with all her psychic abilities and premonitions until she started klairvoyant karaoke at the local bar and sings songs based on the audience’s personal effects of a loved one. She becomes a hit and then Grady Merritt enters her life.

Detective Merritt is trying to solve a very strange murder of a well-known businessman and his son, but the pieces just aren’t coming together. He wonders if Leda can save him from a burning airplane, maybe she can help him find the murderer.

I don’t usually choose mysteries, but this one sounded light-hearted (even for a murder mystery) that I felt like I could give it a try. Ironically, I read it while flying to Denver and didn’t realize this book started with an airport scene and a bad flight situation. But, I got through it and the rest of the story kept me interested with a few chuckles, some good suspense, and likable characters.

Leda and her best friend, Niki are snarky and witty. They don’t hold back their opinions and sometimes that gets them in a bit of trouble. Leda is also a bit naive which makes her character relatable, even with all the psychic premonitions. Of course, when a civilian starts helping out with a murder investigation, there is usually trouble ahead. When Leda realizes she may be in over her head and this particular case is hitting pretty close to home, it may be too late to get out.

Readers of light mysteries, snarky characters, and quick reads will like this one. I was happy to see this is a planned series and would definitely read more from Priest and her character, Leda.

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