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In the book world, the month of November is dedicated to reading and sharing nonfiction books. This month I’ll be sharing some non-fiction books that I think would be great for readers. These books will cover various topics and interests. If you’d like to see previous #NonFicNov posts, click HERE to see more amazing non-fiction books.


By: Camille Babeau

Illustrated by: Benjamin Bécue, Mattia Cerato, Julie Mercier, Cristian Turdera

Published: October 12, 2021

Publisher: Twirl


This new book in the Do You Know? series, which also includes oceans, dinosaurs, and space, answers all your child’s questions about any type of vehicle. Beginning with land vehicles and moving onto water and air, kids will see the historical and physical changes related to various types of transportation. Every part is labeled and fact sections offer more information about how a wheel actually moves or why are the lights on a police car red and blue.

The book begins with the first mode of transportation, animals. Animals were used to pull dogsleds, carts, carriages, sleighs, and stagecoaches. Then the book moves into cars and parts of cars. Once the major parts of transportation are established, the book moves into vehicles that are also homes or businesses like campers, city vehicles like delivery trucks and subways, parts of a bicycle, and emergency vehicles.

There isn’t a single vehicle left out of this book. Kids can learn about an armored truck and then look for one during their next trip to town. You can show them a cement mixer and then take them to a new development and point out the vehicle pouring cement. At the end of each section is a way to review what they learned. Questions like choosing which car in the lineup is the oldest or which vehicle will get there the fastest will encourage bigger thinking. Your toddler may not be ready for this review section, but will certainly love pointing out all the things to find on the page.

The pages aren’t just full of vehicles but the people that drive them including a mailman, a first mate, a surfer, or a pilot. The end of the book includes a sort of historical timeline of vehicles starting with animals all the way to the electric car. There is even a section about futuristic vehicles that these kids may see invented in their lifetime. It’s never too early to teach all about the various traffic signals and there is a section on those as well including common traffic signs and stoplights. Point them out next time you are driving and soon you’ll have a backseat driver with you.

This book is targeted for lower-elementary-aged kids, but toddlers can begin learning about the various modes of transportation and pointing them out on the page. Then when they are ready for more, share the extra fact boxes and quizzes for review with them. An index at the end of the book will help you quickly find a specific vehicle. This book will make trips to town or traveling across the country this holiday season much more enjoyable and a learning experience, no matter what modes of transportation you are taking.

To purchase a copy of DO YOU KNOW? VEHICLES AND TRANSPORTATION, click the photo below:

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