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In the book world, the month of November is dedicated to reading and sharing nonfiction books. This month I’ll be sharing some non-fiction books that I think would be great for readers. These books will cover various topics and interests. If you’d like to see previous #NonFicNov posts, click HERE to see more amazing non-fiction books.


By: Alice Le Hénand

Illustrated by: Thierry Bedouet

Published: October 5, 2021

Publisher: Twirl


Our youngest kids learn by example. They are watching our every move and love to mimic our actions and words. So, when we want them to learn something important like holding our hand when they cross the street, we teach it by showing them. In LET’S BE SAFE, toddlers can learn about safety through this interactive board book that shows and tells how to be safe in certain situations.

Various animal friends are going about their day and confronted with situations where safety is important. A crocodile is told to hold the railing while taking the stairs.

The page shows the crocodile with his dad, about to go down the stairs. The dad tells him to hold the railing. When the child pulls the tab out, they will see the crocodile going down the stairs safely by holding the railing.

Other safe examples include sitting down in the tub, waiting for the food to cool down before eating, using drawer handles so fingers don’t get pinched, getting out of the chair, and crossing the street.

Toddlers will love pulling the tabs and when they come upon situations, they will remember the book and the safety lessons they have learned.

The board book with the pull tabs is well-made to hold up to a toddler’s regular use. The illustrations feature different animal families and there are plenty of things to point out on the pages as well to increase your child’s vocabulary.

There is a whole series of these Pull and Play Books that kids will love including books on patience, sharing, feelings, mealtime, and bedtime to name a few.

Alice Le Hénand likes cooking cheese-based dishes and running in parks. She also likes books in general and children’s books in particular. She is an editor and lives in Paris, not far from a cheese shop.

Thierry Bedouet is an illustrator and co-founder of Empty Cocagne, a publishing company. His work regularly appears in magazines and children’s books. He lives in Nantes, France.

To purchase a copy of PULL AND PLAY BOOKS: LET’S BE SAFE, click the photo below:

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