By: Harry Higinbotham

Illustrated by: Richa Kinra Shekhar

Published: December 3, 2020

Publisher: Independently Published


This children’s book shares the story of the author rescuing this sweet puppy after it was mistreated. Through rhyming scheme/poetry, Higinbotham shares the patience, joy, and love shared for their beloved dog, Chloe. Due to her habit of poking out of hiding places in their home, she claimed the nickname, Pooker.

Chloe was a very scared puppy and it took time for her to trust her new owners and that they wouldn’t hurt her. The author shares tips about caring for rescue dogs through his story in poetic form. The illustrations of Chloe are nearly lifelike and readers will fall in love with this sweet dog who has finally found a loving home.

The author encourages readers to visit their local animal shelter and rescue a dog or cat just waiting to be loved.

Harry Higinbotham was born in Denver, Colorado, and currently lives near Saint Louis, Missouri. A salesman by day, his true passion is spending time with his family, including his wife, his children, his grandchildren and his pets.

Although he didn’t grow up with dogs or cats, Harry discovered as a young adult that cats would follow him around, and he became a cat person. Later on his wife, Christina, gave him the opportunity to own his first dog and it was love at first sight. In short, Harry is an animal lover. He’s especially fond of cute, little furry creatures. His very first pet was a little Dutch bunny named FooFoo, whom he loved dearly.

Nowadays, Harry has five pets to love: two dogs- Chloe (the star of this story , a Yorkshire Terrier ), Maggie (a Poodle -Bichon Frise mix ), two cats: Sophia (a domestic long hair), Charlie (a Siamese), and a bunny: Grace (an Eastern Cottontail). Harry’s very first dog, Shadow (a Schipperke) passed away 10/1/2020, and his story has also been written- “How I Got My Shadow”. For more about this book, check out Harry’s website, HERE.

Richa Kinra Shekhar has created illustrations for more than 200 children’s books, adult fiction books, and spiritual poems. For more information, check out her website, HERE.

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