By: Kyo Maclear

Illustrated by: Chris Turnham

Published: April 13, 2021

Publisher: Chronicle Books


Celebrate a rainy day with your child by reading this book that shares all the wonderful joys of rain. From the music the raindrops make by hitting your windows to splashing in a puddle to watching the grass and flowers grow, there is much to enjoy about a good rainstorm. There are even things to enjoy inside when it is raining, like playing a game, building a fort, or reading a book (my favorite).

The author uses repetitive text, onomatopoeias, and pure fun to share the joy of rain with a child. The illustrations have a rainy feel with lots of blues and greys mixed with pops of color like in an umbrella or a blooming flower. But, the author does remind kids when it is time to go inside during the rain, when there is the Flash! of lightning and Crack! of thunder.

I love the imaginative play between the girl and her dog on a rainy afternoon. The best part of a good rainy day, is the sun that comes out after and all the birds, flowers, and insects that come back out from hiding. Just like in life, kids are reminded that sun always shines after a rainy day.

Kyo Maclear was born in the rainy city of London and spent childhood summers in the monsoon rains of Japan. She has experienced all sorts of rain in her life and has a wild garden to show for it. She is also a critically acclaimed novelist, essayist, and children’s book author. Kyo lives with her family in Toronto. For more, check out her website, HERE.

Chris Turnham grew up in the Pacific Northwest where it rains all the time, which made him stay inside, which inspired him to draw. He recently turned his talent to illustrating children’s books while continuing to pursue his passion for printmaking. Chris is based in Los Angeles where it is sunny all the time, which made him miss the rain, which inspired this book. For more, check out his website, HERE.

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