Introducing Children to a Dozen Emotions

By: Jeff Goodman

Illustrated by Gabriella Urbina

Published: November 23, 2020

Publisher: Precocity Press


Getting kids to explain how they’re feeling with words can be difficult. Their vocabulary is limited and it’s hard for them to put how that exact emotion into words. Goodman has found a creative way to help kids feel comfortable with expressing and naming those emotions in a book that is also, just a bit silly.

I remember a scene from the movie, “Runaway Bride” where Maggie, played by Julia Roberts seems to like whatever eggs her current boyfriend likes. Until, Ike, played by Richard Gere, corners her about the kind of eggs she really likes. Goodman uses each way of eating eggs as a type of personality or emotion to help kids identify their feelings.

With rhyming prose, which is hard enough, but to center it around eggs is impressive, he makes this somewhat heavy topic approachable and fun. The illustrations give the eggs personality and their eyes reveal their feelings quite well.

This egg is hard boiled;

It wears its outer shell.

It needs to be protected

Or else it won’t do well.

The end of the book includes a page of illustrated egg-emotions to answer the question, “How are you feeling?”. Helping toddlers and younger elementary-aged children find ways to name and appropriately express their emotions will only help them as they grow up and are faced with even more situations and emotions.

Jeff Goodman is drawn to the world of children’s literature for its unique ability to impart life lessons, Jeff wrote FEEL LIKE EGGS? to help kids understand and express the feelings they experience in their daily lives. As an award-winning journalist and school communications specialist, Jeff has written extensively about education, child development, and social-emotional learning. He currently works in communications at UCLA. An alumnus of UC Berkeley, Jeff lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. He enjoys playing basketball, spending time at the beach, solving crossword puzzles, and volunteering with childhood literacy organizations. Learn more about Jeff at his website, HERE.

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