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When our kids were younger, Susan at The Confident Mom SAVED. MY. SUMMERS. Her calendars are life-savers and even more so after 3 months of homeschooling and social distancing and using up all the crafts and watching all the movies in your house. You know you need new ideas!!!


Susan has done all the work for you. She has researched the crafts, the science experiments, the recipes, and the games and has something listed for EVERY DAY from May 1 to August 31! I’m telling you….


The 2020 Summer Survival Calendar is a four-month calendar with over 120 activities to blast boredom and increase family time. It features at least one low-budget (and sometimes free) activity, craft project, or kid-friendly recipe every day from May 1 to August 31. The calendar comes in a digital PDF download so you have it instantly, and most activities include a clickable link so you can easily view instructions or photos.

Some of the activities you’ll find include

  • story stones
  • exploding baggies
  • pine cone art (need all the pine cones in your yard picked up????)
  • plastic cup games
  • glowing volcanoes
  • pizza chicken
  • marshmallow shooters
  • rainforest dirt pudding.

To make preparation for the activities easy, Susan has included a list of all the supplies or ingredients you will need to complete the daily activities or recipes on the Summer Survival Calendar. Organized by week and by day, you can refer to the list of supplies, checking off items as you gather them so you don’t get caught empty-handed when you are ready to play!

In addition to the calendar, you can also get the 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever action guide. This guide includes several thought-provoking worksheets to help you define your summer activities and goals and develop a plan of action, as well as organizational checklists. Some of the items included are:

  • summer goals worksheet
  • ideas checklist
  • quiet time activities
  • important summer dates checklist
  • weekly menu planner/grocery list
  • summer weekly planner

The Confident Mom

I’ve been a fan of Susan’s website, newsletters, and annual household calendar for years! Click HERE to see all the times I’ve raved about her products and website!

There is no time like this summer to take all the help you can get. You are D.O.N.E with coming up with ways to keep your kids busy and entertained and now all the hard work is done. If you have older kids or a summer babysitter, give them the calendar and put them to work getting all the supplies together for you.

This is the answer you have been looking for when you are thinking…”What are we going to do all summer?” Don’t miss this opportunity!

Click the link, HERE or any of the photos in the post to be taken to the page! The Summer Calendar is just $9 – LESS than 2 coffees – and the whole Action Guide is just $16.

Her annual household planner is just as amazing. See that below and click the photo for more info!

The Confident Mom

I can’t recommend The Confident Mom enough and even if this Summer Survival Calendar isn’t for you, sign up for her newsletter. She is full of the kind of positivity and joy that we all need in our lives!

The Confident Mom
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