64 Slot-together Cards for Creative Fun

By: Paul Farrell

Published: April 7, 2020

Publisher: Pavilion Children’s

Activity Set

This set offers an opportunity to learn about the types of architectural features used to build a castle in the Middle Ages. Each card is either a wall, a turret, a flag, a window, a door, an arch, or heraldry. Heraldry is the shield or banner that identified your family.

The cards are similar in size to playing cards but much thicker and sturdier. They have slits for building and interlocking them together. By choosing walls and doors and windows, kids can build up a castle any way they would like.

Even though the book is marketed for preschool-age children, I do think elementary-aged kids will enjoy it too. My teenage daughter and I even had fun designing and building our own castle. I was surprised how sturdy the cards were and how easy they connected. There are lots of fun details to choose from when building your castle whether you build a multi-story tower or a wider version with a big archway. The ideas are endless.

I like how everything fits inside the box and is ready right from opening the box. You don’t have to tear apart the cards or do really anything to get ready to build aside from opening the box. The sheet included offers background information on castles, the various design cards and why they were so important to the castle exterior, and some building ideas to get you started.

This is a fun at-home learning activity that can incorporate history, math, architecture, engineering, and imagination. Younger children will need adult assistance but older ones will have fun building all by themselves.

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