Cave Tools is the go-to source for all your grilling needs. I’ve also tried their Rib and Roast Grill Rack and Kabob Set that you can see HERE. We grill once or twice a week and even more during the summer months. So, finding high-quality and user-friendly grill tools makes grilling easier.

A couple weekends ago we tried these Grill Tongs from Cave Tools. Our first impression when I took them out of the box and showed them to my husband was that they were large and heavy. Right away, I was unsure if I was going to like them or not because of the size and weight of the tongs.

The above photo is a good picture of the size of the tongs compared to my hand and the grill ( a Weber Charcoal Grill). The Grill Tongs are really uncomfortably large for my hands and even my husband’s hands. The Grill Tongs are heavy and a bit awkward to use as well. The length of the Grill Tongs does keep you farther away from the heat source though.

They work well with the end up or down and you can easily grab the meat. But again, it’s awkward because the tongs are heavy. They also come with a metal wrap that locks the tongs together. This is also hard to put on and off of the tongs and it doesn’t attach so you could easily lose the metal clasp, but you could also store the tongs without it too.

Yes, these are high-quality Grill Tongs and yes, they do a good job. They are easy to clean up and are dishwasher safe. But, for us, a regular pair of tongs are much easier to use and store.  Even though we have been impressed with other Cave Tool products in the past, these Grill Tongs were not a hit with my husband or me. Be sure to visit CAVE TOOLS website to see all the great grilling products they offer.

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