A Child’s Introduction to Culture Around the World

By: Carole P. Roman

Published: February 2, 2017

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform


I’m thrilled to participate in this Virtual Author Tour for Carole Roman. Her books are remarkably well done and I’ve even learned a lot from reading them. Please be sure to check out Roman’s guest post in her own words at the end of the review.

Roman’s series IN YOU WERE ME AND LIVED IN….has introduced children to numerous countries all around the world. In each book, children are the featured characters in a life lived in that particular country. This allows children to read and identify with those children written about in the book.

In the Germany book, you’ll learn important history including the Berlin Wall and that Munich is really pronounced (Mun-chen). Even I didn’t know that! You learn about the food, the activities, and the celebrations that make Germany’s culture so unique. Each German word is given a pronunciation and a glossary at the back helps explain its definition if it isn’t given in the paragraph. Sometimes, it’s fun to have your child guess what the word means!

This cultural series for children is one of my favorites and every time I read them, I learn something too. These are excellent choices for social studies classrooms, homeschool families, and libraries. Share the world with your child through this excellent book series, IF YOU WERE ME AND LIVED IN.

Carole P. Roman has written so many children’s books with all types of topics in both fiction and non-fiction. I wonder where she comes up with all these ideas and the amount of hours she much spends researching each book. Roman’s brain must ALWAYS be working. Here she shares a bit of her thoughts.

Carole P. Roman Author Guest Post 

“Addicted to Information”
By Carole P. Roman

Some people are addicted to buying shoes. They have Imelda Marcos closets filled with all types of footwear, boots, heels, flats, whatever is trending. Me, I collect information. Whatever I am, I am busy observing.

I am in a restaurant, eating bread, wondering who had the great idea of using a bulb to flavor it. How much courage went into slicing a noxious root and throwing it into a stew?

Why do so many people say Mama or Dada as their first words? If you travel West to East, Dada turns into Baba. How can I use this information somewhere?

Why do the greatest cities in the world form on waterways? What does your currency tell me about your country? Do you eat a heavy meal at lunch and a light meal in the evening and why? What do we have in common and how are we different?

Look at that sky and the constellations, what can I share about them that will make some child drift off to sleep? How can I inspire a little girl to be anything she wants to be?

Life throws a cornucopia of information at me daily. I am ready and waiting, with the biggest catcher’s mitt I can have. Just wait until you see what I throw back at the world.

Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of the Captain No Beard series. Both Captain No Beard-An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life and Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis have received the Kirkus Star of Exceptional Merit. The first book in the series was named to Kirkus Reviews Best 2012. Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis has been named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2015. Each book in the series has won numerous awards including the NABE Pinnacle Award, IAN Award, Moonbeam Award 2014, National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, Shelf Media Outstanding Series Award, ForeWord Review Five Star and Finalist in the Book of the Year, and Reader’s Views Children’s Book of the Year 2013.

Carole P. Roman is also the author of the award-winning non-fiction culture series, “If You Were Me and Lived in…” that explores customs and cultures around the world. She has co-authored a self-help book, Navigating Indieworld A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing. She lives on Long Island with her husband and near her children and grandchildren. Carole invites readers to connect with her via her website

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  1. Susan Barton on June 16, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Thanks so much for participating in this tour and for reviewing the book 🙂

  2. bermudaonion on June 18, 2017 at 12:42 am

    A friend of mine was just in Germany and remarked about how clean everything was. This book sounds like a wonderful introduction to the country for young people.

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