Statue of Liberty
photo credit: bmward_2000 Liberty via photopin (license)

The kids and I left early yesterday morning for our band/choir trip to DC/NYC. We are super excited to arrive in Washington DC today and spend the next 8 days exploring two of our greatest cities in America. We have lots of amazing sites to see and the students get to perform at Lincoln Memorial, at a church in China Town and various other spontaneous performances.

Korean War Memorial
photo credit: U.S. Army Korea (Historical Image Archive) Korean War Memorial, Washington D.C., USA, February 2009 via photopin (license)

I am most excited about touring the war memorials in DC, especially the Korean War Memorial. I’ve been to DC, but I was a young child and didn’t appreciate all the amazing memorials then as I do now.

We will be seeing “Wicked” and “The Lion King” on Broadway and I am pumped about both of these shows even though I’ve seen “Wicked” already. I am also really excited about Ellis Island. I’ve been to NYC as a child and as an adult, but haven’t made it out to the island.

The best part will be experiencing it all with our kids and some of my favorite mom friends!

There will be no more posts this week, but I’ll be back later next week with some awesome reviews to share! I’ll have tons of bus-riding time to read!!

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