I have been looking forward to summer reading for months! The school year was so hectic for me and I wasn’t able to read near as much as I wanted or hoped to. So, this summer, I am hoping to kick my reading in gear and power through several books that I have been super anxious to read based on recommendations or ones that will meet my 2017 Reading Challenge categories.

These are the ten books I have decided that I absolutely want to read this summer because I know once the school year starts I will have less and less free time to devote to reading.

These aren’t the ONLY books I am hoping to read as I have even more books waiting to be reviewed that are on my list. These are the ten books that I have been wanting to read for awhile and I think are perfect for summertime reading. These books fit all my happy reading places including historical fiction, mystery, memoir, chic lit, and a good old classic. I am starting one of these today and will be sure to share my thoughts on all of these over the course of the next months.

STARS OVER CLEAR LAKE is set in Iowa after WWII and it’s first on my list as it’s part of my work writing for The Gazette.

A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN meets my classic book for the reading challenge and is one I keep hearing about and would love.

SUGAR is written by an Iowa author, which meets a reading challenge category, and since I love her writing, I know I’ll love it.

THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE has been on my shelf for too long. Now that the movie is out (and getting good reviews) I want to read the book first.

THE BOOKSHOP ON THE CORNER meets another reading challenge category and who doesn’t love books about books!

THE BREAKDOWN is by an author who kept my heart pumping with her first book and will make for good summertime reading. This one isn’t available until mid-July.

THE ROANOKE GIRLS was a book win from Random House and one I’ve been wanting to read.

IT’S ALWAYS THE HUSBAND is written by a former prosecutor turned author. I bet she has lots of stories to tell and I’m anxious to check out this new author’s thriller!

LILAC GIRLS has been on my list for WAY TOO LONG. So many people are telling me to read it and the bonus is it fits one of my reading challenge categories.

THE GIFT OF AN ORDINARY DAY is one I heard about recently as a good read for a mom preparing to send a child off to college. The bonus is that when I went to look it up on GoodReads, I noticed I already had it on my shelf! So, this is a must-read for my summer!

I’d love to hear what you are reading this summer. Be sure to comment below and tell me your summer reading list!

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  1. Kate Unger on June 6, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Sugar is cute. I think you'll like it. Roanoke Girls is amazing, but disturbing. I can't wait to hear what you think. I have It's Always the Husband, but I am having trouble getting into it.

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