On Sundays, I like to share snippets from our life here in small town Iowa.  
Our kids are active. 
We are involved in our community. 
It seems there is always something going on.  
I’d love to hear snippets from your life as well!
Sadly, we only took one trip to Orange Leaf this summer 
and it was right before school started. 
It is one of our kids’ favorites places to go. 
My favorites are the cheesecake, brownie batter, and raspberry flavors.
Our first day of school was this week.  
As I was driving home from taking two of the kids to school,
I saw a Mom and Dad with a stroller 
and holding their son’s hand as they walked to school.  
I immediately thought of this day, not too long ago…
ok, it was 8 years ago. 
But, in my mind, it was just yesterday.
We too, used to walk the boys to school on that first day. 
Talking about all the things they are looking forward to.
Answering their many questions.
Waiting and watching them walk in line into the building.
I began to tear up. Much like I did 8 years ago. 
Patrick going to first grade, Bennett going to kindergarten.  
Gretchen Rubin says it best – 
“The days are long, but the years are short.” 
And now I have this…………………………….
There is no more walking with a stroller and holding hands. 
Patrick walked on his own and began 9th grade….a freshman….in HIGH SCHOOL.
I dropped Reagan off at the bus stop 
where she rushed out to see her friends 
with barely a glance in my direction. 
Off to begin her 4th grade year. 
I gave Bennett a ride to the school as he was running a bit behind, 
yes, on the first day. 
Did I mention we had a 2-hour delay for fog????
Bennett is looking forward to being an 8th grader.
This mom is PROUD.
This mom is HAPPY.
This mom is SAD.
This mom is JOYFUL.
This mom is MISSING THEM.
This mom LOVES these kids and is cherishing the moments, big and small.

Pat decided to take Patrick out for some 
highway and gravel road driving this week. 
I’m glad Pat is willing to do the training in this area.
I don’t know how my parents were always so calm with me!
Reagan’s teacher sent this photo from the first day of school.
How sweet of her to do that for each one of the kids in the class!
This made my day!
Reagan received the most adorable book from her cousin, Elise this week.
Elise’s mom, Melanie, and I are first cousins and are extremely close.
They live in Minnesota so we don’t get to see them very often.
After Reagan sent a card she had painted,
Elise sent this book.
It brought me to tears.
Such a sweet little story of their friendship.
I hope you are also reflecting on the snippets of joy from your week. 
Thanks for sharing in mine!
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