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Today I am celebrating 6 Years of my blog.  When I first began writing, it was a way for me to collect my thoughts, share about our family, offers tips, recipes and books that I liked.  It has certainly evolved from there where books are taking up most of the pages and family a close second.  I don’t share as many tips or recipes, but I do did begin sharing my faith.  If even one person decides to open a Bible because of a verse I’ve shared, then I’m happy.  I’m not sure what 2014 holds in relation to my blog.  It is very time-consuming and since I don’t get paid, sometimes it takes a back seat to our “real” life.  Our schedule will be very hectic at the beginning of the year, so posts may be sporadic, but know that I will be back and will post when I can. I have lots of excellent book reviews scheduled and I can’t wait to tell you about them.  Look for my posts wrapping up my favorite books from 2013 and books I am looking forward to in 2014.

Like I mentioned, I don’t get paid to write my book reviews…..yet.  I have been offered ad placement on my blog several times but have avoided it.  Having ads on my blog changes how it looks and I didn’t really want to do that.  In the last year, I did become an Amazon Associate and placed their ads on my side bar.  I also will link to a book or item in my post and if you make a purchase through that link I get a small, very tiny….I’m talking cents here, of that amount.  But, cents add up to dollars eventually.  So, if you would like to support me and order your amazon items through my links and through the search bar on the side of my blog, I would be thrilled.  Some of you have placed orders and even though it hasn’t been enough for Amazon to release it to me yet, it is banking up in my account.  I appreciate your support and am thankful for each one of you.  

To celebrate my 6 years of sharing with you, I wanted to tell you all about all those things that I consider my “FAVORITES”.  Maybe it will give you a gift idea for someone you love or maybe you will just nod along and agree that you consider it a favorite of yours too.  At the bottom, I’m giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to share for one of my readers and allow you to purchase something that you’ve been wanting either for yourself or a loved one.  Thanks for joining me on this blogging journey.  

I recommend all of their clothing.  It is high quality, long lasting, and comfortable.  Some of my favorite items include their Polartec Fleece, the Cashtouch Scarves, and their kids and adults winter coats and boots.  You can’t go wrong and everything has a lifetime guarantee.

Since I order a lot of items from Amazon, I decided it was time to add Amazon Prime.  For $79/year you get free two-day shipping on items marked with the prime logo.  You don’t have to wait until your cart is full to get the free shipping.  One item or twenty, all free.  Plus with Amazon Prime, you have access to free movies/videos and books.  For me, it is worth the $6.58/month!  You get your first month free, so this is the perfect time of year to try it out! 

We LOVE our Rachael Ray skillets.  I don’t think I would use anything else.  For the price, they are the best out there. Nothing sticks, they wash up easily, and look brand new day after day.

This Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush is one of Mary Kay’s newest items.  I am loving it.  After applying my cleanser, I use this brush over my face to massage and deep clean.  It truly is a great way to start your day and “wake up” your face.  You can use it in the shower.  Since I am a Mary Kay Consultant, you can order one straight from me or check with your own local Mary Kay Consultant.

Last year for Christmas, I got a Keurig.  My husband was skeptical, but now he has one at his office.  He may even use it more than I do! I like it for when I just want one cup of coffee in the afternoon or evening.  The kids like hot chocolate and cider.  I will even use it just to heat water for tea.  Plus we use the Storage Tray for all our K-Cups and the Keurig sits right on top saving counter space. 
When I am making coffee in my regular coffee pot, this is my favorite.  
It is available in most grocery stores as well as Target and Wal-Mart.  
If you want the Dunkin Donuts K-Cups, 
you have to get those at an actual  Dunkin Donuts Shop or on their website.


If you have a smart phone and you shop regularly at Target, you need to get the Cartwheel App.  I have saved anywhere from $5-$20 on one shopping trip.  Once the app is on your phone, you can add savings to your “cartwheel” and then at checkout your checker scans your code automatically applying your savings (in addition to coupons and your 5% Target card discount) to your purchase.  So, if you add the Market Pantry Milk item to your Cartwheel and the deal is a 10% savings, then you will save .35 on a $3.59 gallon of milk.  Now that may not seem like much, but over time that adds up and I rarely have milk coupons and we go through a lot of milk in our house.  Every little bit helps and Cartwheel has been a great app for our family.  It isn’t just grocery items, I’ve save money on coats, Christmas decor, baby items, etc.  There are different savings every week.  It may take a bit more time to plan your shopping trip, but the savings are worth it!


I listen to Pandora nearly every single day.  I have all kinds of different stations depending on my mood that day.  I might listen to Yiruma or George Winston one day and Katy Perry the next.  I also like my WICKED The Musical station.  Pandora is free with ads or you can subscribe and have no ads and other perks. 
I like a variety of music.  Some days I want the calming tunes of a piano and other days I want something more upbeat like Katy Perry.  I love her new CD and it makes regular appearance in my pandora playlist!  
I discovered Yiruma through a pandora search and really like his style of piano music.  
For the holidays, George Winston is the best! 

Our kids have always been Lego fans (even my husband was), so Legos have always been front and center at our house.  Now that the boys are older, they don’t get them out as much, but our daughter loves their Lego line for girls, Lego Friends.  She got Olivia’s House last year and has asked for a few more sets this year.  She loves putting them together and playing with them.  We also have pieces from the Lego Christmas Village and that has been fun to watch her play with that this month too! 


I really like the line of Yogi Teas.  They offer many different flavors and for various needs.  My favorite is their Bedtime tea, but I have also tried their Kava Stress Relief and Honey Lemon Throat Comfort.  Yogi teas also have a nice saying on each of their tea tags which I love reading.  You can find Yogi Tea at your local grocery or discount store or at
White Lights Soy Candles –

I love candles.  Yankee, Bath and Body, and even our local hand poured Soy Candles made by a friend of mine.  I have candles everywhere in our home.  I am loving the holiday scents that Bath and Body Works is offering this year.  My current favorite is Butter Cream Mint!


These shoes are my new favorite.  They are comfortable and warm.  The fuzzy lining is soft and these are warm enough to wear bare-footed.  It is like wearing slippers all day.

These are my favorite socks to wear around the house. 
They have a super soft fleece lining and keep my feet nice and warm during the day and night.  
Dicks Sporting Goods has been running these as a Buy One Get One Free offer at their stores. 
They would make great gifts this Christmas!

To enter to win the $25 Amazon Gift Card, just enter in the required information on the form.  The giveaway will run through 11:59 PM on December 16, 2013.  I will chose a winner using on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 and email the winner.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond or I will choose another winner.  The gift card will be given as a code through an email address given to me by the winner. This giveaway is not sponsored by Amazon, but just from myself as a thank you to my readers. One entry per person only. 

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  1. Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts on December 16, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    I do believe you were the first blog I ever read, and I thank you for inspiring me to begin blogging! Now… time for me to go check out these cabin socks you recommended. They look like super toasty socks that I would love!

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