How Parents and Children Can Handle Child Bullying

By: Pamela “Penlady” Jones

Published: January 8, 2013

Non-Fiction – eBook

The author contacted me about reading and reviewing this book.  Since I work in the school system and have three children in school, I was interested in what it had to say.  The purpose of this book is to help parents understand what bullying is, how it affects their children whether they are the victim or the bully, and if it is left alone can lead to tragedy.

Now, we all know that is we let the bullying continue, it will eventually lead to tragedy of some sort.  The victim will continue to be victimized and his/her self-esteem will plummet.  If we continue to allow the bully to continue with his/her behavior they could either begin to escalate their behavior or get bored with that child and move on to another and another….continuing the horrible cycle.

What I heard mostly from this book is that listening to your child is key.  Really hearing what your child has to say if he/she is the victim of a bully.  Not interrupting. Not asking what did your child did to allow it to happen.  Just listening to them and supporting them.  That is what your child needs.  Then taking action.

Jones takes you through the bullying process both from the bully’s perspective as well as the victim.  She offers signs to watch for if your child is being bullied. Jones also explains the different types of bullying, not just the physical actions and hurtful words of our childhood, but also the internet bullying and how this can transpire across social media platforms.

I think the book has good tips and offers the basics on bullying in this generation.  You will be able to take away solutions and tips and if nothing else, be able to start a conversation with your children about bullying in school. By opening that conversation, it will allow your child to be more willing to share information with you both now and in the future.

This book is only available an as eBook and is a very quick read at just nineteen pages. Pamela “Penlady” Jones is a nonfiction author. She writes on a range of topics. She’s always working on an eBook that’s sure to be of interest to readers! Besides writing eBooks, Pamela also writes articles for Hubpages. To date, she has over 100 articles on a variety of topics. After completing a SEO copywriting course, Pamela’s online writing career began in 2010. However, her writing career dates back to 1995, when she began writing romantic short stories for a defunct New York Magazine.

I received a copy of this book from the author for the purpose of this review.  I was not compensated in any other way for this review.  This review is my honest opinion. 
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