This weekend we had to travel about an hour and a half each way for Patrick’s cross country meet.  He did awesome by the way…..
A very hilly course, a longer race than some of the other meets (1.8 miles) and against some tough schools and he placed 8th for middle school boys and was the first from our school to finish!  Super proud mom moment!! Each race he just gets better and better.
Anyway, we had to leave right after his race to head home for a wedding and stopped to eat a quick bite on the way home.  After coming out from the restaurant, we found our van to be completely dead.  We had just had the oil changed on Friday and the service mechanic said we were in need of a new battery and put one on order.  Guess we were more in need than he realized.  We were now an hour away from home with a dead battery and in a hurry.  
I called AAA right away and was told someone would be out within an hour and a half.  Could be sooner, but wasn’t sure.  That wasn’t going to work in our schedule too well, but what choice did we have?  Right then two older gentlemen started getting in to the vehicle right next to us.  We had noticed several tables of older men in the restaurant and figured there was some type of convention somewhere.  Pat asked the men if they had jumper cables and if so, had time to give us a jump.  Thankfully, they had cables and had a few extra minutes.  Pat started talking to the gentlemen while hooking up the cables and found out they were in town for a Gideon convention. How about that?  A minute later, the man was handing Pat a Bible.
A few more minutes of charging later, and our van was running and both of us were back on the road.  So we ended up with more than a jump, but a wonderful book.  Inside it says….
The Gideons International is an Association of Christian business and men, banded together in more than 190 countries for fellowship and service.  The purpose of the Association is the promotion of the Gospel of Christ to all people, to the end that they might come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. 

With the help of Christian friends of many different churches, Gideons have been able to place and distribute over 1.8 billion Bibles and New Testaments to hotels, motels, hospitals, penal institutions, members of the armed forces, school students, and those in the public nursing field.

We are pleased to present you with this copy of God’s precious Word and trust that you will enjoy reading it daily. 

As you can see in the photo, it fits in your palm…might need glasses to read the print….and just contains the New Testament as well as the Book of Psalms and Book of Proverbs.  It also includes a topical section with verses to help you in time of need, such as addiction, disaster, stress, and worry.  There are also verses to help you to live with a Christian character.  
Thank you to the Gideons for taking the extra time to help us out and for sharing God’s Word and message with us and many others.  For more on the Gideons, check out
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