The Quick and Easy Guide

By: Chris Reichert and Joey Cardillo

eBook Published: February 5, 2013


By reading this book you’ll discover exactly why you should be eating more coconut oil – plain and simple!

This book also covers which coconut oil to buy, the many coconut oil benefits, and why coconut oil is simply just an amazing food all around. It 
provides great resources as well as loads of clickable links to help you understand why eating more coconut oil is a great move to make.

Coconut Oil seems to be the new buzz word lately, popping up on food and health shows and blogs on a regular basis.  I purchased my first coconut oil several months ago, but was still a little unsure on how to use it.  I have been using it in my smoothies and as oil in cooking, but didn’t really know other things I could use it for….until now.

This is a Kindle book and I purchased it for free during a promotional period.  It is currently listed at $2.99 which is still a decent price.  It is a short book at just 41 pages, so you can read it quite quickly.  I thought it would be worth learning more about the benefits of coconut oil and it certainly was.

The scientific piece related to coconut oil and its health benefits was very easy to understand and also surprising.  I had no idea how switching from vegetable oil to coconut oil in your cooking could reduce your risk of health complications later in life such as cancer and heart disease. Frankly, I had no idea the vast range of health benefits coconut oil can provide.

Eating coconut oil isn’t the only way to absorb its benefits, you can also use it on your skin.  Rub it in as a moisturizer, after a sunburn, or even use it for athlete’s foot.  Coconut oil can also assist you in your weight loss goals by helping to slow down the digestion process and help you feel more full.

The last section of the book lists out all the numerous ways coconut oil can be used in your cooking and in your way of life.  I am sure you can find several ways to work this health benefit into your regular routine.

Coconut oil is a little pricey, but again, the benefits will be worth it.  I found some on Amazon with different size ranges so you can start out in small doses.  Most of your supermarkets and discount stores should have coconut oil on their shelves as well.

If you are looking to incorporate coconut oil into your life, but not sure where to begin, this book is for you!
Reichert and Cardillo have a website where you can be inspired to make healthier choices and also learn about their other eBooks.  I found their blog article on the dangers of aspartame quite interesting.  I’m glad I cut diet soda (mostly) from my diet and need to work on cutting it out entirely!
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