A few weeks ago thanks to author Kimberly Stuart, I won a sweet package from k.noel baby.

Baby Booties courtesy of k.noel baby

Don’t get any ideas, no I am NOT having a baby.  But, I love cute baby things and like to have things on hand for when someone else has a baby.  I am dying for someone to have a baby girl so I can see these cute booties over some tiny feet.

Facial cloths courtesy of k.noel baby

I also won these facial cloths.  They are so soft and perfect for cleansing your face or getting makeup removed from the delicate eye area.  

Kristin Smith has her very own etsy shop with oodles of adorable items all hand made by her.  Toys, baskets, and booties abound in her sweet shop.  You can check out her etsy shop HERE.  She also has a Facebook page HERE
Thanks to Kristin for sharing her handwork with me.  I am waiting for the perfect baby girl to place these sweet booties on!

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