Today we went to church.  After church we had our annual Baked Potato Dinner.  They offer 12 different potato toppings so everyone can make their baked potato their own special way.  It was delicious.  All the potatoes were from either our Pastor’s garden or from another member’s garden.  How awesome is that?  Did you know today was Pastor Appreciation Day.  I left a card for our Pastor and his wife to let them know how much they are appreciated.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell him in person because he was hospitalized last night.  We are hoping for a smooth and quick recovery for him. 

After the meal we ran back home to change (good thing we live only a few blocks away) and went back to church for the CROP Hunger Walk.  The CROP Walk’s message is to “End Hunger One Step at a Time”.  We met at our churchwith about 20 other locals for a welcome and prayer and then walked over to our high school track for a 1 hour walk.  Pledges will be donated and 25% will come back to our local Food Pantry.  Last year our food pantry received over $800.  That goes a long way towards helping families in our community.  Our whole family was happy to be able to donate and walk for hunger today.  Have you noticed a theme during this 10-Day Give time?  I really have a passion for helping those who are hungry and needy!

This afternoon I spent about 3 hours, yes, 3 hours with our daughter cleaning out and organizing her room.  I didn’t even get to the clothes yet.  This was just the toys.  Oh my it was a J-O-B!  But, her room is now all organized and cleaned out.  One bag of garbage was taken out as well as one bag for donation.  Ugh!  One of these nights or maybe next weekend I need to go through her clothes and get the winter clothes out.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, colder weather is coming.  I hope our daughter appreciates her clean and organized room and keeps it that way for awhile.

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