10 day give

10 Day Give – Day 10

Yesterday I started the day subbing.  I wasn’t scheduled but ended up subbing for my friend who was wishing she wasn’t scheduled to sub that morning and since I didn’t have anything going on, it did it. That afternoon I spent time catching up on and finishing my Bible Study.  I really enjoyed the quiet house…
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10 Day Give – Day 9

I had such a fun day today.  I met my friend for coffee, which turned into 4 hours later we realized we better get on with our day!  I always enjoy my time with her and I really feel like she lifted my spirits and I hope I did hers too.  It is nice to…
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10 Day Give Day 8

Today we went to church.  After church we had our annual Baked Potato Dinner.  They offer 12 different potato toppings so everyone can make their baked potato their own special way.  It was delicious.  All the potatoes were from either our Pastor’s garden or from another member’s garden.  How awesome is that?  Did you know…
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10 Day Give Day 7

Saturday was a day I gave to my family.  We started the morning with the boys’ soccer game.  It was a gorgeous Saturday and was a fun game to watch.  It was the last game of the season and it ended in a tie.  We know how much time and effort the coaches put in over…
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10 Day Give Day 6

Today I was able to spend my entire day (while the kids were in school) at home.  So, I took that opportunity to CLEAN OUR HOUSE. It was way beyond the “NEED” stage and was at the “CATASTROPHIC” stage.  I scrubbed floors, vacuumed in corners, and dusted every single item on shelves.  I feel so much…
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10 Day Give Day 5

This first Thursday of every month I donate my time and talents to our local library.  I lead a story time for the little ones in our community.  I started the story time when I think our daughter was 3.  I missed taking her like I had taken the boys when we lived in Cedar…
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10 Day Give Day 4

Today after subbing and then not feeling well, I chose to give something to our kids that they have been asking for.  I made Orange Julius for them this afternoon.  They have asked several days and I either forgot or it just didn’t work for me to make it that day.  They were pretty excited…
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10 Day Give Day 3

Since yesterday was my birthday and I received many gifts from others, I took the day off from the 10-Day Give.  So, today is my Day 3 of the 10-Day Give.  Today we had a funeral at our church.  I spent the morning making sandwiches and preparing food for the funeral luncheon.  Then I served…
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10 Day Give Day 2 – Lima Leaf Day

Day 2 of the 10 Day Give was Sunday.  Every year, the first Sunday in October you can find me and my family giving of ourselves all day long.  My parents are the caretakers of a country church that was part of many generations of my mom’s family.  The church is located in a beautiful…
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It is 10-Day Give Time Again

This is my third year participating in the 10-Day Give.  I love how it challenges me to find a way to give to others every day.  Some days it might be my time, some days my words, and some days I may be giving money or things.  The 10-Day Give is a challenge to give something…
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