Yesterday I started the day subbing.  I wasn’t scheduled but ended up subbing for my friend who was wishing she wasn’t scheduled to sub that morning and since I didn’t have anything going on, it did it.
That afternoon I spent time catching up on and finishing my Bible Study.  I really enjoyed the quiet house and the gorgeous breeze blowing through.
Last night I attended our planning meeting for starting up a choir in our church parish.  It looks like I will be giving of my vocal talents in the near future!
Nothing over these last 10 days was life-changing. I don’t always think that giving is all about the extraordinary or the jaw-dropping thing that you do.  It is more about how you live your life, carry yourself, speak to others, and show you care.  There was nothing extraordinary in my giving these last 10 Days.  It was just regular everyday stuff that maybe took me a few extra minutes or took some extra effort on my part.  Isn’t that really what giving is….giving just a little bit extra.  Giving that extra smile, that hug, to let someone know you care. 
We get so focused on the next task, the next practice, the next meal, the next meeting, the next load of laundry that we forget to stop and take the time to notice our neighbor sitting on his porch or the woman sitting alone at church or the child who is especially quiet.  We are so focused on running to the next errand that we forget to smile at the check out clerk or hold the door for someone.  My hope is that this 10-Day Give has inspired you to stop give that little bit extra – your time, your gifts, your talents, your money, your smile, or your kind words. 
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