As you know I’ve been participating in the 10 Day Give again this year.  On Day 2, Saturday, our family attended our daughter’s soccer game.  Then I had some time alone in the house while Pat and the kids ran some errands.  I cleaned the house and set out all our fall decorations.  I also spent a lot of time working on a “top secret” project that is a gift for my husband.  He will be turning 40 this month and so I have to work on it when he isn’t home.  So, even though, I won’t be giving it to him for a few weeks, I gave up some free time so that I could work on this project with him.  Then once the kids got home, we played some Wii, I helped them pick up their rooms, and then hung out the rest of the afternoon and evening.  So, it was mostly a day of giving of myself to my family.

On Day 3 our family attended church where I gave our tithe and gave quarters for our Heifer Project tube.  We also had a visitor in our church who I went up to and welcomed in our church that day.    We then attended our sons football games.  This day was actually my birthday, so I was the receiver of gifts and love today.  I received over 75 greetings on my Facebook wall recognizing my birthday.  What a lovely gift that was.  We had lunch with my husband’s sister and her family and I made a phone call to my parents.

On Day 4, I decided to treat the students in my classes at the highschool.  I took a big bag of M & M’s and put some in a cup for each of the students to enjoy during class.  They were all shocked that I would bring in candy for them and let them eat it during class. 

Again, none of these giving days are anything huge or life-changing.  It is just my small way of saying,”hey, I care about you, I appreciate you.”

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