I have begun the 10 DAY GIVE!

So far, nothing that I have given is earth shattering or huge on any level…but I haven’t really gone anywhere to do anything big. Yesterday, I took time to sit down and play my daughter’s favorite game, Cariboo with her. Tonight, we were treated to a visit from a praying mantis in our driveway. The mantis “Manny” we called him is an amazing insect. We watched him for quite a long time! So, I shared him with my neighbors kids as well. I called and invited them to come over and see “Manny” which turned into a mini football game and an hour of enjoyment by all! So, here is a photo of our praying mantis and the football game! Thanks Em for sharing in our day! Tonight we also had a visit from my sister-in-law and niece and I made apple crisp for them to enjoy! So, giving on a small level, but I still have 8 days left…who knows what is to come!
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