Bennett and Patrick as the Van Horne Vipers! Reagan, their cheerleader!
Last weekend I officially became a soccer mom. Soccer was something that I was never sure about. We didn’t have soccer where I grew up and neither did my husband. We just didn’t understand it. We have been to a few of our nephew Zach’s games but didn’t know much more than kicking the ball into the goal was a good thing! A new league began that involved all the neighboring towns in our school district, so the kids and us decided to give it a try. As a “football loving” family this was a big step. My nephew Eric is a college football coach (Go Beavers!) and I worried about telling him that the boys were going to play soccer. He just wants to be sure they play football too! But, we have come to enjoy soccer. My parents came to watch the boys’ first game last weekend and we had such a good time. The boys are still figuring out the rules and realizing 3 kids on the same team can’t all go after the ball at once. They both got kicked by another kid, they made mistakes (kicking the ball the wrong way), got a good workout in, and most of all had fun! We even won our first game 1-0 with Bennett scoring the only goal! So, as much as I didn’t ever want to be “a soccer moms”, I am now proud to be a Viper Soccer Mom and their biggest fan!
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