Last week while watching the Republican Convention, we had our own little convention here at home. Patrick decided to run for Student Council at his elementary and chose the position of Room Representative. So, a campaign poster was made and a speech was written. He even got a “campaign manager” to spread the word to “Vote for Patrick”! Friday was the big day, with the speech and the vote. I was nervous for him. I knew how badly he wanted to win and how disappointed he would be if he didn’t. I talked to him about being gracious to the winner if he didn’t win and not being upset. But, I really wanted him to win too. I knew he would be good at it. It would be another stepping stone for him and an opportunity to help him grow as a person. So, as the boys are running home from school on Friday, I can hear him hollaring…”Mom, I won! I’m the Room Rep!” He was so excited and so were we! Several years ago I went to a make-your-own pottery place with my best friend, Tammy. I decided to make a plate that we call our Star Plate. On the plate it says “You’re A Star!” So, it was a great night to pull out the star plate for Patrick for supper. Who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of our political experiences!
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