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It’s time for First Book of 2024! It’s the 11th Annual and my 9th year of sharing my First Book of the Year. Sheila at Book Journey hosts this annual feature and hundreds of other readers around the world share their first books with her.

What is First Book? Well, it is just like it says, it is the First Book you choose to read in the new year. It can be a book that you’ve wanted to read, maybe a classic, or one you received as a gift this Christmas. Perhaps it is something you’ve been meaning to read as part of your own self-improvement. It can be any book you’d like! It is YOUR FIRST BOOK.

I love seeing which book is the most popular choice and the wide variety of chosen books from other readers all across the world. I usually add a few books to my own reading list!

I always have a difficult time deciding what to read this year. I am picky, typically choosing a physical book and one that I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t been able to bump it to the top of my to-read stack. If you struggle with what to read next, check out my Book Jar and how I choose a random read (see what that’s about, HERE).

Before I share this year’s book, here are the books I’ve chosen from my previous years. You can see all my previous First Book posts, HERE.

Previous First Books

2016 – A Manual for Cleaning Women – I didn’t even finish it. Not for me.

2017 – The Two-Family House – Loved this historical fiction story of two families in NYC.

2018 – Just Between Us – Four suburban girlfriends join together to hide a murder.

2019 – I’d Rather Be Reading – A non-fiction all about the joys of reading.

2020 – The Only Plane in the Sky – A chronicle of the events that happened on 9/11. A must-read.

2021 – Atomic Habits – This wildly popular book is all about creating habits and routines.

2022 – Waiting for Tom Hanks – This rom-com is perfect for fans of Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movies.

2023 – Beyond the Point – Three women at West Point find forever friendship amid turmoil & heartbreak.

And now my 2024 book…

Stacie holding First Book of 2024


By: Ann Patchett

Published: August 1, 2023

Publisher: Harper


Format: Hardcover

My copy arrived as a birthday gift from my best friend. I was excited because I had wanted to read it. I made sure to read OUR TOWN this fall since I heard there were similarities to it. I like to choose books off of my to-read shelf and not a book for review and I’m looking forward to this being a great kick-off to my 2024 reading list!

It’s spring and Lara’s three grown daughters have returned to the family orchard. While picking cherries, they beg their mother to tell them the one story they’ve always longed to hear – of the film star with whom she shared a stage, and a romance, years before.

Tom Lake is a meditation on youthful love, married love, and the lives parents have led before their children were born. Both hopeful and elegiac, it explores what it means to be happy even when the world is falling apart.

Sheila will be posting collages of all the great FIRST BOOKS readers are sharing. Click HERE to see them all. Maybe you’ll be inspired to choose your FIRST BOOK!

If you choose a First Book, be sure to let me know in the comments or on my social media channels.

Happy Reading!

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