The Boo Boos of Bluebell Elementary cover image


By: Chelsea Lin Wallace

Illustrated by: Alison Farrell

Published: November 7, 2023

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


I’ve shared numerous picture books about the school day whether they are about friendship, sharing, playing at recess, or even a class pet. But, I have never shared a book about the school nurse. The job of the school nurse can be overwhelming, full of tears and chaos, but also lots of hugs. I’ve actually subbed as the school nurse at the elementary and high school levels and no two days are ever the same. I even joke that I don’t want to see any bleeders or pukers, but it never fails, I always do.

When a bump, a tummy gurgle, a splinter, or even a loose tooth happens throughout the school day, kids are sent to the school nurse. The school nurse assesses the ailment and applies a fix: often a bandaid, an ice pack, a snack, a Kleenex, or maybe even a hug. Especially, at the elementary level, kids just need someone to say it’s going to be okay.

At Bluebell Elementary, this day in the life of Miss Peatree begins with a hungry child at 8:00. As each child comes into the nurse’s office she logs their ailment and status and soon, her visitor log is full of kids needing care. If you have ever been inside an elementary classroom, you know that things can get chaotic quickly and that happens in the nurse’s office too.

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With a rhyming scheme, hilarious illustrations, and various childhood ailments, everyone from the teacher to the parent to the kids will find this to be an enjoyable read-aloud. Maybe the school nurse helps your child with their daily insulin or has comforted them when they just wanted to be home with you, this book would make a great thank-you gift for the school nurse to keep in her office.

The school nurse can often be a position that is overlooked or felt to be unnecessary, but to the kids, the school nurse is often a respite, a calming space, and a healing balm. As parents, we know sometimes a hug and a bandaid are all that is needed to help a child feel better. Thankfully, we have school nurses to be there for our kids when we can’t be.

Don’t miss this silly, yet realistic look inside the school nurse’s office. And if you haven’t lately, make sure to thank your child’s school nurse for being there when our kids need them.

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Chelsea Lin Wallace is a round member of SCBWI, CGW-LA, and the 12-12 Challenge. She lives in Los Angeles with her family. Check out her website, HERE.

Alison Farrell is the author-illustrator of several children’s books. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Check out her website, HERE.

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