Nothing Ever Happens on a Gray Day cover


By: Grant Snider

Published: September 5, 2023

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


When it is so gray, even the rain is too bored to fall, to me it is just the perfect kind of day for cozying up with a pet and a book. But, not for the girl in this story. She uses this gray day to find joy.

Nothing Ever Happens on a Gray Day page

The girl sets off on her bike to explore her neighborhood. Even though the sky is gray, there are spots of color around like the yellow school buses or the orange and yellow leaves. She arrives at the park to find it empty and nothing is happening until she spots a path through the woods that leads to a creek. There, as she sits quietly, she is greeted with a wonderful surprise.

Grant Snider is the author of one of my favorite children’s books, ONE BOY WATCHING. In both of these books, he takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. He reminds us to find joy in the daily minutiae, the moments that pass us by, and the things right in front of us. His illustrations with the pop of color among the gray say that we can find our own bright spots in the gray days of our lives.

Grant Snider writes, draws, and lives in Wichita, Kansas. His first book, “The Shape of Ideas,” is a personal exploration of the joys and frustrations of the creative process. His work has appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The New Yorker, The Kansas City Star, The Best American Comics 2013, and across the internet as the popular strip “Incidental Comics.” Grant works as an orthodontist in his day job. You can often find him carrying a sketchbook, lost in his own thoughts.

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