By: Anna Kang

Illustrated by: Christopher Weyant

Published: June 20, 2023

Publisher: Two Lions


A follow-up classroom tale from the amazing husband and wife team that wrote ERASER, comes another school supply that worries about being left out.

Marker has always loved being the supply that leaves a permanent and lasting impression in the classroom. When it’s time for school to start back up, all the teacher supplies gather together to get the classroom ready. Everyone is ready to do their part including Red Pen, Ruler, and Stapler. But, there is also a new supply joining the group, Pinking Shears, or Pink as she likes to be called.

Everyone is so excited by Pink’s unique cutting that Marker begins to worry and starts making mistakes, which isn’t good for a marker because mistakes are permanent. When she loses her spot in the Super Power mug, Marker isn’t sure her role in the class is important anymore.

The fellow Teacher Supplies rally behind Marker and remind her that mistakes are okay and there is room for everyone at the Teacher Supply table. Kids will find that everyone has a special job and sometimes those jobs are part of a team effort where everyone can and should contribute. The Class Rules created by all the Teacher Supplies are great reminders for summer days at home as well as in the classroom.

The illustrations bring all the teacher supplies to life and the team of Kang and Weyant have created another winning children’s book that reminds all of us to do our best, keep trying, and sometimes making mistakes is half the fun.

Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant are the creators of Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winner You Are (Not) Small and five more books in that series, as well as Christopher Award winner EraserHudson and Tallulah Take SidesCan I Tell You a Secret?, and Will You Help Me Fall Asleep? Christopher’s work can also be seen in The New Yorker and the Boston Globe, and his cartoons are syndicated worldwide. This husband-and-wife team lives in New Jersey with their two daughters and their dog, Hudson. Visit them at and

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