My daughter and I did this same journal while she was growing up and I am thrilled to see it republished with a new cover and a companion journal for dads and daughters as well. These journals are a great way to learn about each other with the space to be honest and have an understanding of our past, present, and future. A journal allows you to write answers which can usually feel more comfortable than talking face to face and allows both the parent and child to respond to the writings, knowing the conversation has been started and can be continued verbally if needed. Read on below to find out more about each of these journals. They would make excellent Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts from your children!


By: Meredith & Sophie Jacobs

Published: April 11, 2023

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


This updated journal offers a chance for mother and daughter to learn more about their dreams, their past, their struggles, and their joys all in an easy-to-use format, perfect for passing back and forth.

My daughter and I had this original journal while she was growing up and we would write it in and lay it on each other’s pillow which would signal it was our turn to write. It was so fun to learn about my daughter’s thoughts on what she wanted to be when she grew up, her favorite songs at that time, and something embarrassing that had happened to her. The journal allows space for the mom to answer the same questions and respond to the daughter’s answers as well.

Lots of Free Space pages have been added (which I believe is new) to allow for writing or creating your own questions, drawing, or maybe creating poetry. There is space for secrets, for fun, and even quizzes to have a quick exchange of get-to-know-me kind of topics. I think moms and daughters will have all kinds of fun with this journal and will look back on it fondly, just like my daughter and I have.


By: Jonathan & Sophie Jacobs

Published: April 25, 2023

Publisher: Chronicle Kids


 This new journal allows dads and daughters to get to know each other less formally and in a fun and comfortable way. Dads can struggle with knowing what questions to ask or how to approach sensitive topics or even know how much to share from their childhood. This journal offers questions as well as plenty of free space to dive into topics that are fun, silly, and maybe even a bit emotional.

Dads and daughters will answer the same questions on journal pages. They can then read each other’s responses and even comment back if they’d like. Some of the questions include:

A time you were kind to another person:

A time you did the right thing:

An embarrassing moment was when

Here are some of the best friends I’ve had and how they have enriched my life

I also noticed this Father & Daughter Journal has a few more fun pages than the companion journal for moms has. Things like creating a daily front-page newspaper, a contract to promise something (silly or serious), and a way to label values on a house with bricks. This makes the journal prompts more approachable for dads and makes the writing process more fun in my opinion.

If dads are a little unsure about how to use this journal, there are guidelines and ideas for getting started at the beginning as well as letters from the Father and Daughter authors of the journal, Jonathan and Sophie. Ribbon bookmarks are attached to make sure no one loses a page because you don’t have to go in order, feel free to jump around and answer whatever questions inspire you at that time.

To purchase a copy of the JUST BETWEEN US JOURNALS, click the photos below:

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