By: Edward Hemingway

Published: June 21, 2022

Publisher: Christy Ottaviano Books


Cat lives alone in an abandoned lot and he likes it that way. If anyone tries to enter the lot, he scares them away. One day as he leaves the lot in search of food, he finds an overturned nest with an unbroken egg. Rather than making the egg his snack, he decides to bring it back to the lot and keep it warm. The egg hatches and a sweet baby pigeon appears. Cat cares for and feeds the baby pigeon until it learns to fly.

Then Pigeon flies off each day to explore the city and search for food. One day Pigeon comes back with a gift for Cat, a piece of chalk. Cat’s world is beginning to change all around him thanks to Pigeon and the many gifts she brings back. One day, Pigeon doesn’t return from her daily outing and Cat is desperate to find her because even though a short time ago, Cat was happy with no one in his life, now he can’t imagine life without Pigeon in it.

This unlikely friendship story teaches all of us that just a bit of kindness can spread and bring joy to a dark corner of the world. Edward Hemingway began sketching this story during the pandemic while many of us were isolated. He hopes this story of kindness and friendship brings you joy on a dreary day. He encourages you to grab a piece of chalk and make your own joyful creation to share with others.

The author created this video about why he wrote PIGEON & CAT:

Edward Hemingway Presents PIGEON & CAT from LB School on Vimeo.

Edward Hemingway is the creator of Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story, Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus, Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship, and Bump in the Night, as well as the illustrator of My Miserable Life by F.L. Block. His writing and artwork have been featured in GQ, the New York Times, and Nickelodeon Magazine. The youngest grandson of Ernest Hemingway, he lives in Montana. To learn more, and for some fun downloadable activities, visit his website, HERE.

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