Literati is a book club membership like no other. By being a member, you will have an all-access membership to explore a world of exclusive content, author interviews, and celebrity conversations all in one community. Through the website or their easy-to-use app, you can access interviews with their Luminaries and the authors of the books.

Being a member of Literati allows you to be a part of an EXCLUSIVE BOOK CLUB with authors, leaders, visionaries, and YOU! Can you imagine talking about a book with Stephen Curry, Malala, or Susan Orlean? Well, you can with a Literati Book Club membership.

Through the website or their easy-to-use app, you can access interviews with their Luminaries and the authors of the books. There is a luminary for every life and learning interest. In my six months as a Literati member, I have read and discussed books with Cheryl Strayed, Kelly McGonigal, Nicole Laeno, Susan Orlean, and now this month I chose a book from the Atlas Obscura club. Check out the seventeen Luminaries below.

Based on your own interests, or that particular Luminary’s book club choice, you can choose who to follow every month or change it up as I have. Each month, as a member, I receive a notification that it is time to choose my book club. I can stay with my current book club or look at the other book choices from other clubs and make a change. If you are active in your book club’s discussion, it may be hard to move from a group as you might lose connections you have made through that discussion. It is up to you and what you want to get out of Literati’s membership.

This month, as I mentioned, I chose Atlas Obscura, an award-winning media and travel company dedicated to experiencing the world’s wonders, as my Luminary. Some of their previous book club choices have been GHOSTLAND, WHY WE SWIM, and THE SOUND OF THE SEA.

The team at Atlas Obscura curates a globe-trotting selection of books that offer hidden histories, surprising science, and a greater understanding of the world. This month, their book choice is EATING TO EXTINCTION: The World’s Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them by Dan Saladino.

I chose this book because it seems that a lot of attention is put on animals that are endangered or close to extinction, but I don’t think I have ever seen a news story or documentary about types of food nearing extinction. But, seeing this book made me think of morel mushrooms. As a child in rural NE Iowa, I spent many hours mushroom hunting with my family across our pastures, along the river behind our house, and in our woods. I have memories of coming home with heaping tubs of mushrooms that we would share with family and friends and fry up. There is nothing better than a morel mushroom coated in crackers and fried in butter. But, now we can hardly find a morel mushroom on my parents’ land. What has happened to them? I’ve already been part of some interesting discussions on the Literati app related to this book and how your particular area relates to the food you grow and eat.

The Literati box includes a hardcover copy of the book, a bookmark, a note from Susan Orlean about why she chose this book, and a booklet sharing the other Luminarie choices for the month.

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By becoming a member of Literati, you can get access to the following features:

  • Access to all Literati Book Clubs
  • New book recommendations each month
  • Active in-app discussions with thoughtful readers
  • Exclusive invites to author Q & As
  • Members-only pricing on any book
  • One curated book, delivered monthly
  • Exclusive printed content with each book
  • Interactive online group discussion with the Luminarie that chose the book

Join a Literati Luminary book club for $26 a month. Save 20% on a yearly subscription by becoming an annual member and enjoy Literati membership for $22 a month. The membership will be active until 12 books are delivered. Literati Luminary membership includes access to all book clubs in our app

Your book club’s Luminary will get the discussion started each month in the Literati app. Open your Literati app to dive into a book discussion. Discuss specific chapters or reply to a thread. We also have monthly Ask The Author events, which are held live on YouTube. There are also lots of ways to continue the discussion with other Literati members that are part of your same Luminary book club while using the Literati app.

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This review is my personal opinion. Literati has gifted this subscription to me, but I receive no commission for sharing this book club.

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