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300 Bizarre Facts about the Big Apple

Published: September 14, 2021

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


In one month, I’ll be heading east to the Big Apple, New York City. I’ve been there several times and each time I find something new to love about the big city. It isn’t possible to see everything you want to see while you are there, but you are sure to hit some of the must-see places and highlights. This book isn’t a travel guide, but it is loaded with facts, fun photos, and all the weird stuff you didn’t know you needed to know about New York City.

One place I haven’t been on any of my trips to NYC is the public library. I’m sure I’ve walked by it several times but I’m hoping this time I can go in. The location near Rockafeller Center is where the iconic marble lions are out front. Who knew they had names, Patience and Fortitude?

I’ve been to the financial area several times and the iconic charging bull statue is a great photo opp. But, did you know that it was originally placed there illegally and then in 2017, the fearless girl statue was placed across from the bull in order to stare it down? I’m hoping to see this new addition to the area on my upcoming visit.

Central Park is a very large park, the size of 614 football fields. If you walked all the trails, you would walk a total of 58 miles. There is only one intentionally straight path through the park included by the designers. Don’t worry about climbing on the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park, the mushrooms were made for stepping up on the statue.

There is so much more I could share about this amazing city. If you are planning your own NYC trip, this book will get you excited about all the fun the city has to offer as well as some interesting historical facts to make you feel knowledgable before you go. I certainly found a lot of fun in this little book.

To purchase a copy of WEIRD BUT TRUE! NEW YORK CITY, click the photo below:

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