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March is Women’s History Month and today is International Women’s Day so I thought it would be a great day to share books that I would recommend reading to celebrate women in history. The books I’m sharing below include children’s, middle-grade, and young adult fiction and nonfiction as well as adult fiction and nonfiction books. Oftentimes, fictional stories are based on real-life women who made a difference in history as in several of the novels below. Fictional stories can also be great learning opportunities as the authors have often done extensive research to make sure as much of their story is accurate. You’ll find women who stood up for themselves, women who fought for the right to vote, women who raised their ranks in society, and women who were heroes and spies during the various wars.

These are all books I have read and recommend to others time and time again. You’ll find books where I became wrapped up in the story, books where I learned something about a piece of our history, or books that entertained me. I hope you enjoy this list and be sure to let me know about any books you think would fit in this list! There are a few of the children’s books that also include men in history, but the women they feature are important that I wanted to include those books as well.

We all find inspiration from different sources and obviously there are many more women in history I could have shared, but I hope you can find something about each of these women that inspires you to work harder, love more, and make our world better for the future generations because these women certainly did.

Kids and Young Adult Non-Fiction and Fiction Books

Adult Non-Fiction and Fiction Books

20 Books for Women's History Month
Photo credit: Museums Victoria

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