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I’m sharing books that I choose for my own reading enjoyment in my monthly Quick Lit posts. Not books for review, but because I’ve been wanting to read them or they caught my attention. Most of them have been talked about ad nauseam or have been on my to-read list for a long time so they don’t really need a full review. But, I’d still like to give them some space here on the blog, so instead, I’m offering mini-reviews of the books that won’t get full-page space here.

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This month’s books included only one book on audio. I’m listening to two right now that are taking me longer to finish than I expected. One is for review and one is a library hold. I usually save my audiobooks for library holds but I had an opportunity to listen to a review copy and took it. I’ve also been listening to so many podcasts that it is hard to choose what to listen to, a book or a podcast.

My current new read is A MOST CLEVER GIRL by Stephanie Marie Thornton. It came out yesterday and I’m a bit behind in reading it. But, so far, I am really liking this WWII spy story. The first chapter is an attention grabber. I’m also reading VIOLETS ARE BLUE, a YA book that comes out in October about a girl struggling with her parent’s divorce and finding an escape in makeup artistry. I’m listening to THE WOMAN THEY COULD NOT SILENCE, a true account of a woman in the 1860s sent to an asylum by her husband for speaking her mind. This is a tough listen and coupled with the reading of THE FOUR WINDS these last few days has been a bit much for my psyche. I’m going to need to find a lighter read next. My library audiobook is THIS IS GOING TO HURT: Secret Diaries of a Medical Resident. I love medical memoirs and this one is funny, truthful, snarky, and maybe a bit too real. It’s read by the author which makes the stories he shares even more incredible. He is an OBGYN and seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.


By: Charles Martin

Published: February 10, 2008

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


Format: eBook

Chase Walker, a local journalist is set to write the story of a young boy, abandoned at the train tracks seconds before his mother was killed. Chase’s investigation into the life of this boy also reminds him of his abandonment as a child. As he gets closer to learning the truth about the boy’s background he also starts digging up things from his own past and long-buried (literally) secrets that reveal a surprising truth.

The novel is set in Brunswick and near St. Simon’s Island which is an area I have visited and where my husband and I spent our honeymoon. I don’t read too many books set in this area and so the setting alone intrigued me from the beginning.

I really loved this slow-paced story, but I have to admit that the beginning was difficult to keep all the characters straight as there were several, their names changed, and they were mostly all related. I did eventually settle in and really love the story, but it did take me a bit. Our book club chose this and we all loved it and it gave us lots to discuss.

If you have Amazon Prime, this is a FREE read. You should definitely snag it!


By: Rob Lowe

Published: April 26, 2011

Publisher: Henry Holt & Co


Format: Audiobook

I can’t say I was a HUGE fan of Rob Lowe, but in my college days, I did LOVE him in “Wayne’s World”. I’ve seen him in a few other things but he is probably most famous for “West Wing”, which I haven’t seen. But, I had heard many readers rave about his memoir and since I love celebrity memoirs, I gave it a listen. He narrates it which makes the stories he shares even more personal and real. I loved all the voices he used for various people and appreciated his difficult family story as well as the hard road he took to make it big. I was shocked that he just happened to move into the same neighborhood as the Sheens (Martin and Charlie and Emilio Estevez) and became fast friends with them. Their lives intermingle more than a few times over the years.

If you love to hear how actors made it big or how they have overcome hard times, this is a great story. He truly shares personal and private stories that can offer hope to readers struggling with family issues, drug or alcohol addiction, or for those who wonder if they are on the right path or direction in life. Rob Lowe hasn’t had it easy and his insight and advice offer something for everyone.


By: Kristin Hannah

Published: February 2, 2021


Historical Fiction

Format: Hardcover

This was our book club choice this month and I can’t wait to discuss it with everyone on Friday. This story of a family trying to survive during the Depression and Dust Bowl in Texas is tough to take. As a mom, it broke my heart to know the children were hungry, breathing dust, and going without water. Just when you think it can’t get any worse for this family, it does. It’s so sad, but gosh, that Elsa is a tough woman.

Even though this was a hard read and the suffering was difficult to stomach, the story was so compelling. I found myself reaching for the book often, just to read one more chapter. I felt Elsa’s heartache, both from the pain dealt by her parents and the betrayal of her husband. I felt her pride while raising her children and the sting of resentment from her teenage daughter. The way her in-laws respected her and appreciated her tenacity filled my heart. Hannah puts you in the story and you will feel overwhelmed with emotion while reading. If you haven’t read it yet, add it to your list and keep some kleenex close by. Kristin Hannah is a must-read author for me and she never disappoints.

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  1. Becca @ Life’s A Pearl on September 15, 2021 at 2:04 pm

    Kristin Hannah’s books are so powerful! But I have to be in the right mood for them because I always know they’ll make me cry. Rob Lowe’s memoir sounds like a good audio experience too. That’s my favorite way to read celebrity memoirs!

    My September Quick Lit contains a last minute summer romance with “Well Met”, a couple of nonfiction books, as well as some early atmospheric reads for autumn like “Magic Lessons” and “Mexican Gothic”.

  2. Caroline Starr Rose on September 16, 2021 at 3:01 pm

    Thanks for stopping by my place! I’m glad to see we had similar reactions to The Four Winds. There was so much heartache going on, but the little details are the things that got me, like that baby blanket.

  3. Lisa notes on September 19, 2021 at 1:59 am

    I want to read the Kristen Hannah book too. I’ve only recently discovered her this year! And the Rob Lowe book has been on my radar for awhile now. I need to see if my library has a copy.

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